7 Shopify Apps To Help Increase Sales

Need help increasing sales for your Shopify store? Everyone say it with me: There’s an app for that. Actually, there are multiple apps. If you are struggling to increase your sales, don’t panic just yet. Instead, look at this list of top Shopify apps and see what they can do for your ecommerce store. These 7 apps cover a variety of purposes, all with the ultimate goal of increasing conversions.

7. Product Discount

Running a sale is a more detailed process than you might think, but don’t let that scare you away from the concept all together. Sales are a great way to increase conversions and build up loyal customers. Especially during the holiday season, customers come to expect a variety of sales. Give the people what they want, and you’ll be rewarded with increased business.

What’s it do? Product Discount makes running a sale incredibly easy. You ca...

Emoji Support For Push Notifications

Exciting news, Aimtell users! We’re happy to announce that there is now full emoji support for all web push notifications. Over the past few years emojis have become an increasingly prominent way that we all communicate, and now you can bring that into your web push campaigns as well.

We think you’ll find how useful (and let’s be honest, fun) this emoji update will be when you get started. Push notifications are meant to be short and sweet, and now with a little emoji help, you can make your messages even more concise.

How frequently you use emojis is up to you. You likely already use them in some of your other marketing efforts, and with this update we are glad to be able to bring consistency to your marketing plans by bringing support to our platform.

If you aren’t quite convinced on the power that emojis have, keep in mind that 92% of people online are using them. And as for their reasons for using them? It varies, of course, b...

Introducing: Customizable Opt-In Prompts

This week we are happy to introduce an exciting new feature that a lot of you have been asking for: customizable opt-in prompts. Before now, you only had the option of showing the native prompt on your website. That’s all about to change!

With our new feature, you can create custom prompts that will show up in place of the native ones. What does this mean for you? Most importantly, you will have a new opportunity to give your audience a reason why they should subscribe to your push notifications. You may already have information on a certain section of your website, but you run the risk of your audience not seeing it.

With these new prompts, you can put your best reason right there in the prompt where all users are guaranteed to see it. We know you work hard to create engaging push notification campaigns, and we are sure this feature will help you gain more subscribers.

If you are wondering what these new notifications might look like, here are some example custom opt-in prompts to give you some inspiration.

10 Ways to Automate Your Web Push Notifications

Running any type of marketing campaign takes time, there’s no denying that. Even in this age of digital marketing dominated by platforms such as Twitter, and more recently Snapchat, where messages are created and sent in an instant, there is still a lot of planning that goes into content marketing for brands. Businesses today not only have to create compelling content, but also figure out how to best share that content. With email and social media platforms both largely super saturated with content, it can feel like fighting a losing battle to connect with your audience. Thankfully, a newer type of marketing has emerged that can not only connect you with your audience better than ever before, but also save you time by way of automation opportunities.

What are we talking about? I’m sure you’ve guessed it. That’s right: web push notifications. With web push, not only are you giving your content a much better opportunity at being seen (no more email newsletters getting lost in subscribers’ inboxes), you can also create several types of automated campaigns t...

The Difference Between Email and Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are still a relatively new concept for people, and because of that a really common question we get here at Aimtell is asking about the difference between web push notifications and email. We get it. Email is an established platform that everyone has experience using. If there are no real differences between web push and email, why take the time to learn a new system?

Here’s the thing- there are plenty of differences between email and web push notifications. And as you’ll see, the differences are what make web push so great. To best explain things, we decided to created this chart to highlight the main differences between email and web push notifications.

  Web Push Notifications Email
Registration One click - user hits ‘allow’ and they are instantly subscribed. No forms required. Longer opt-in process. User has to type in email and often personal info (ie first and last name), receive confirmation email, then click link in email to confirm subscription.
Delivery Instant...

Conversion Tracking, Improved Reporting & Simplified Segmentation Tools

Today marks another great release date, packed with tons of new features and improvements. So, let's dive right in!

New: Conversion Tracking

Starting today users on the Basic and above plans will not only be able to see how many notifications were sent or clicked, but also how many conversions and sales resulted directly from these notifications!

You’ll be able to view these conversions directly from the campaign overview tab as well as the campaign results.

The conversions/sales are automatically tracked for all of our Shopify users, no extra set up needed. In fact, we’ve been monitoring conversions for you automatically for several weeks, so you should be able to log in and see them right away. For campaigns that did not have any conversions or were sent before September, the conversion field will be empty.

Heads up: within the next week or two we will be releasing the ability for users to set their own conversion logic. This will allow you to mark conversions based on any event that y...

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