Introducing The Push Data API, Plus Triggered Notification Enhancements And More

In this latest Aimtell platform update, there are several exciting new features to share. In particular, the new push data API feature enables the use of external data for dynamic web push notifications. Plus, there are updates to triggered notifications, abandoned funnel tracking, and large image sizing. Here is everything you should know about this latest round of features.

Push Data API

Utilizing first-party data is a great way to customize web push notifications, allowing for advanced personalization that can help improve push notification performance. With this latest new feature, the push data API, Aimtell users can now utilize their external data sources for dynamic push notifications.

The push data API allows users to designate an endpoint URL from their own API that will be converted into relevant push data — the push title, body, link and a custom image. This feature allows users to pass whatever variables they want and results in dynamic push notifications at scale. This feature is very powerful and can essentially enable anybody to create an integration with Aimtell and utilize external data for web push notifications.

If you would like to get started, be sure to check out our Push Data API documentation for more information.

Triggered Notification Expiration On Conversion

Triggered campaigns are an excellent way to retarget subscribers based on their on-site activity. Retargeting abandoned carts, for example, is a very popular triggered notification that ecommerce websites can leverage to reclaim carts and increase conversions.

Previously, a triggered notification would send as long as the initial right conditions were met, for example, an abandoned cart notification that triggers two hours after a subscriber abandons their shopping cart. However, what if the subscriber goes back on-site and completes his or her purchase during the two-hour delay? Previously, the push notification would still trigger. Now, you can expire the push, should the conversion happen in the interim timeframe.

This simple update is a smart way to improve your customer experience and avoid sending unnecessary web push notifications. For this feature to work, you must also be tracking conversions. If the tracked conversion is logged before the triggered notification sends, the notification will automatically be canceled. To turn this feature on, head to the Settings tab when building a triggered campaign and set Expire On Conversion to ‘true.’

For help with triggered notifications, check out our Creating a Triggered Push Campaign documentation.

Abandoned Funnel Variables

In addition to targeting subscribers who abandon certain pages on a website, Aimtell also allows you to target subscribers who abandon a funnel, or someone who visits page one of a sequence, but does not visit page two in a defined period of time. A popular example of this is the form submission process. If a subscriber begins filling out a form but does not proceed to page two, such as a second step of the form or a thank you page after submitting the form, they have abandoned the funnel and can be retargeted with a web push notification. You can now track event variables in the abandoned funnel script. These event variables can be used to incorporate additional personalization into your pushes.

Remember, you can always check out your logs to see which custom events (and any corresponding variables) have been tracked. Head to Logs > Custom Events to do so.

To get started, follow our Tracking Abandoned Funnels documentation.

Default Large Image Size Update

Large images are supported on Google Chrome for Windows and Android users. The default large image size has been updated to best accommodate various screen sizes. Newly uploaded large images will now default to 500×250 pixels or an aspect ratio of 2:1. Note that some Android devices may crop images slightly on the top and bottom to fit a 500×200 size.

Wrapping Up

All of these features are live now in the dashboard. The push data API feature is incredibly powerful and a great way to send dynamic pushes at scale. Consider also enhancing your abandoned funnel campaigns by tracking custom event variables and optimizing your triggered campaigns by enabling them to expire should a subscriber convert before the notification deploys.

If you have any questions, be sure to check out the documentation center for helpful guides. You can also always reach out directly and a customer success representative would be happy to help you.


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