Our New and Improved Segmentation Tool

If you asked us what we think the main key to success is for web push notifications, we’d probably say segmentation. Sure, there are plenty of other elements to consider, but segmentation always comes to mind. Without properly targeting your audience, you run the risk of looking out of touch with your subscribers and ultimately, not improving your sales.

Today’s shoppers are smarter than ever and have high expectations when interacting with brands online. No matter the channel, there is a desire for an experience that is relevant and tailored to their particular interests. In fact, this is something that over 70% of consumers have come to not just want, but expect from companies. This expectation extends to web push as well. Thankfully, you can make it happen with segmentation. And today, we are excited to introduce our new segmentation tool that gives you more power over who you send campaigns to.

The New Segmentation Tool

 Previously, creating a segment involved choosing various conditions that a subscriber would have to match in order to be added to the segment.

Segmentation Tool
Previously, you could only create AND statements for your segments


For example, you may have a segment of users who live in California and use Google Chrome as their browser.  Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but you now have the power to add OR statements and multiple condition groups in order to create more complex segments.

Segmentation Tool
OR statements allow you to target additional people within one segment


With our new tool, you can now target people based on several different conditions. For example, you can set an OR condition in order to target people in different locations (California, Texas, and New York for example) who also meet other requirements, such as visiting a sale page at your website and who are over the age of 28.

This new feature gives you a lot more control over the segments that you create. Best of all, it is still just as easy as before to set up. You still head to the same Targeting tab from your dashboard. When setting your conditions, be sure you choose AND or OR, depending on the logic you wish to create.

You can see a live count at the top of how many subscribers fit your current segment. If the number seems too high or too low, make sure you didn’t accidentally press the wrong button. When you are finished, hit Create Segment and you’ll be able to select it when creating your notifications going forward.

Wrapping Up

 We hope you enjoy this new feature and put it to good use. The more effort you put into creating quality segments, the more success you will have with your campaigns. Don’t forget about our analytics tools that will help you monitor all of your notifications and activity.

Are there any other new features you’ve been patiently waiting for? Let us know about them! Comment below or send us a message.

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