New Feature: Custom Notification Expiration Times

Hey, Aimtell users! We’ve got a new feature we are excited to share with all of you: custom notification expiration times. What’s that mean? In short, this will allow you to select a time when you want your notification to disappear (or expire) if it has not been seen.

For example, say you set a one-hour expiration time on a notification. If a person does not come to their computer or mobile device during the hour after it delivers, they will never see the notification. Pretty cool, right?



This new feature gives you even more control over your campaigns and helps prevent notifications from appearing out of place. Time sensitive messages are some of the most popular push notifications, and this feature will help ensure a better user experience for your subscribers.

Say you’re running a flash sale, for example. Not only should you time when you deliver your notifications, you can now also time when the notification disappears. If your sale only runs for four hours, do you really want a user to come to their computer and see the notification, only to realize that the sale is over? Instead, set the notification to expire when your sale ends.

If you notify your subscribers about upcoming events, an expiration time can also help prevent any confusion. Take this notification for example:

Custom Notification Expiration Times
An example of a time sensitive push notification that would benefit from an expiration time


Once the event has ended, in this case “early voting,” the notification no longer has a use, and in fact could instead confuse a user who reads it a day late. With an expiration time, users who miss the timing of an event will never see the notification.

Outside of time sensitive notifications, you still might want to consider setting an expiration time. If a user is away on vacation without their laptop for an extended period of time, they likely won’t enjoy being bombarded with notifications when they return. Or, the content of the notification may simply not be relevant anymore by the time a user views it.

Set Up

Expiration times are incredibly easy to set up. Simply click edit next to any manual campaign you wish to set a time for (or create a new one). You will now see a new tab up at the top labeled ‘Expiration.’

Custom Notification Expiration Times
The new ‘Expiration’ tab lets you schedule when you want your notification to expire


Simply toggle on the ‘Enable custom expiration’ button and you will be able to input the amount of time until the notification will expire. Type in a number and select if that is based on minutes, hours, or days. This gives you incredible flexibility with your notifications- one notification could expire after one minute, while another may not expire for 30 days. The top limit you can set for expiration is one month.

That’s it! This new feature is available now for all users. As always, let us know if you have any questions or ideas for new features you’d like to see. To learn more about this feature, you can read our documentation here.

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