5 Shopify Apps That Make Your Brand More Personalized

Simply put, the more personalized an experience you can provide your ecommerce customers, the better. Customers are expecting more and more from ecommerce brands these days, and it’s up to you to deliver what they are looking for. If not, you run the risk of losing them to a competitor.

Personalization in particular is one of the best ways to provide your customers with a better shopping experience. While this used to just mean adding their first name to an order email, you now have so many more opportunities to personalize just about every aspect of the ecommerce experience.

From personalized product recommendations, to shipping counters, currency converters, push notifications, and more, here are 5 Shopify apps that will allow your brand to provide more of a personalized experience.

1. LimeSpot Personalizer

product recommendations shopify apps for personalization

If you only choose one app from this list, this might be your best option. LimeSpot Personalizer will help you more easily display personalized product recommendations to your customers. This is especially important if you’ve got a large selection of items for sale, but can be helpful even with a smaller inventory. Research shows that over 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies who remember them. Personalized product recommendations is one great way to do that!

Best of all, this app starts working right away. As soon as a customer starts interacting with your site and your products, the app and its AI will work its magic to start showing recommended products. Best of all, it continues to learn your consumers’ behaviors over time and can keep up with changing inventory.

You’ve also got the ability to use their plugin to personalize other marketing areas of yours such as your email marketing campaigns. It’s a great way to incorporate personalization into these major touchpoints that have a big impact on whether or not someone chooses to buy from you or someone else.

A/B test different layouts and track your analytics to see how much these recommendations are boosting your sales. This app just about does it all!

Price: Free to install, then tiered based pricing based on revenue

2. Free Shipping Bar

Consumers love personalization and free shipping. This app gives you a little of both! For many stores, offering free shipping on all purchases is not feasible. However, free shipping is something you should seriously consider offering for customers who hit a certain price threshold.

In fact, studies show that almost 55% of consumers abandon their carts because of unexpected extra costs, which includes shipping. Beyond that, nearly 25% of consumers say they are willing to purchase more products in order to qualify for free shipping. This app will help you personalize that journey towards free shipping!

You’ve likely seen plenty of banners at websites that tell you how much you need to spend to qualify for free shipping. But with this app, you don’t just get a static banner, you get a dynamic personalized banner that updates as customers add items to their cart!

This is a great way to secure more sales and increase your average order value. Your top banner will keep changing as customers add items to their cart (or take them out). Once they hit the minimum required? The banner will tell them! This is a great, simple way to make such an important aspect of ecommerce more personalized and engaging.

Best of all, if you sell to multiple countries, you can optimize the banner to display the correct amount based on the country the customer is in. If you need to charge more for shipping to another country, you can easily set that up!

Price: Free basic plan, or pay $9.99/month for premium features

3. Product Recommendation Quiz

product recommendation quiz shopify apps for personalization

If you have either a large inventory of products, or products that are meant for certain individuals, having a fun quiz users can take is a great way to personalize your brand experience, ensure customers purchase the right items, and grow an email list!

For example, if you are a skincare brand, a quiz is a great way for customers to determine which products will be right for them given their skin type and individual concerns. If you are a clothing company with a large inventory, a style quiz is an effective way to show your customers products that they are likely to purchase based on their answers.

Once they complete their quiz, customers must provide their email in order to receive their results. They can choose to either shop right away, or check their email later to see what the right products are for them. You’ve then got their email (and other important information) that you can use for future email campaigns to continue engaging them with personalized content.

We love how easy this app is to use, and best of all, it makes it fun for the customer. Quizzes and other types of interactive content are wildly popular these days, and this app allows you to bring that fun into your ecommerce store in order to provide a more personalized shopping experience.

Price: Free basic plan, or upgrade for more features starting at $39/month

4. Doubly Currency Converter

Here’s another quick and easy app that you pretty much need if you are an ecommerce brand that sells to multiple countries. This app makes it easy for the customer to switch the currency into their own currency so that they can easily shop at your store.

This app is all about providing the best user experience. This is a small aspect of personalization that will make a big difference on your sales. Who wants to manually calculate what something costs in their own currency? No one!

Bottom line, if you sell to more than one country, you need this app. It currently supports over 160 different currencies, and even supports Bitcoin! It will also automatically detect the right currency based on the customer’s location. However, users will still manually be able to switch the converter if they wish to do so.

Price: Free basic plan, or pay $9.95/month for premium features

5. Aimtell

Finally, beyond personalizing your on-site experience, it will serve you incredibly well to personalize things off site. We’ve briefly touched on email personalization, but you’ve also got a lot of opportunities when it comes to web push notifications.

Your customers will leave your website at some point and if they never give their email address (or even if they do), you’ve still got a way to directly engage them on desktop and mobile. Web push! The opt in process is much simpler with web push, and once they choose to opt in, you immediately start tracking their on-site behavior which you can then use to serve more personalized and targeted push campaigns.

With web push, you can easily personalize your campaigns with things like a subscriber’s name (learn more about custom attributes here) as well as with the content of the campaign itself. You can target subscribers individually with triggered notifications, or target groups of subscribers (called segments) with relevant campaigns based on things like pages they’ve viewed at your website, or even their geographical location or device they are using.

For ecommerce brands, you should absolutely take advantage of triggered notifications for abandoned carts. These alerts are incredibly personalized (since it’s the contents of their actual shopping cart) and result in high click through rates and also, more importantly, increased sales.

If you are looking for more specific examples on how you can use web push for your ecommerce brand, head this way to read our complete guide on retargeting shoppers with web push.

Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 14-day free trial

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these Shopify apps for personalization. These will easily help you create more of a personalized experience for all of your customers starting from the very moment they land at your store all the way through the buying process and hopefully beyond that as they turn into loyal customers and brand advocates.

By personalizing elements of your brand both on site and off, you are sure to set yourself far ahead of your competition and provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Are you interested in setting up Aimtell and sending personalized web push notifications? If so, you can start for free! Still need more information? No problem. You can always check out our Beginner’s Guide to learn more.


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