5 Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic

We love a good growth hack. Don’t you? We’ve discussed growth hacking strategies before, and today we want to give you a few more strategies to help you out. Our previous article gave a good overview of growth hacking and discussed general growth hacking tips. Be sure to check that out as well if you need a quick refresher on the topic.

Today we are specifically discussing growth hacks that will help you with boosting traffic. While traffic isn’t the only thing you need for business success, it’s an important first step. If people aren’t visiting your website then they certainly aren’t engaging with it or, most importantly, converting.

Securing more traffic for your website isn’t something you can magically set up overnight (don’t we all wish that were the case?) However, there are plenty of growth hacking strategies you can implement that will start pushing your traffic numbers in the right direction, and quickly. Here are our top 5 picks for growth hacks guaranteed to boost traffic.

1. Get Your Own Messenger Bot

One great way to secure more traffic to your website is to go where your audience is. No matter what industry you are in, there’s a great chance they are spending time on social media, and in particular, Facebook. Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular messaging apps- with 1.3 billion people using it each month. And people don’t just use it for personal reasons! Around 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month.

messenger bot Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic
Image credit(s): ManyChat

Setting up your own Messenger bot is a great way to connect with your audience and drive traffic back to your website. Best of all, the bot can work for you and interact with your audience 24/7! The above example shows how great bots work for driving traffic. Right from Messenger the user can click to head back to your website, and with a discount code handy, you are sure to see a boost in both traffic and sales.

Services like ManyChat allow you to create your own bot with your specific goals in mind. Best of all, you don’t have to have any coding skills to get this done. Use one of their templates or their easy drag and drop builder to build something all on your own.

2. Repurpose Your Best Content

Let’s be honest- developing new content can be a bit of a hassle. Between coming up with the idea, doing the proper research, finding or creating the right visual elements, writing the content itself, editing it all, and publishing, it can be incredibly time consuming.

While content marketing is absolutely time well spent, it helps to have ways to save time. Repurposing content is one way, and not only will it save you time, it’ll also help you generate more traffic!

repurposed content Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic
We take our best performing content and regularly update it with the latest tips and stats, being sure to update our audience when we have done so.

There are two main ways you can repurpose old content. One way, like you see above, is to take your best performing content and update and re-release it. Make sure you add in new valuable information that your audience will benefit from. This takes far less time than creating an entirely new post, but because you know it is content that performs well with your audience, you know that it will pull in a lot of traffic once it is updated.

The other main way to repurpose your content is to transform it into a different medium. Take your blog post and create an infographic out of it, for example, or turn it into a video that you can share on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Visual content performs great on social media, so be sure to take advantage. This will help you with boosting traffic to your website as well as developing your social media channels. It’s a win win.

3. Start a Great Referral Program

One of the best growth hacking strategies out there is getting started with a referral program. Referral programs work exceptionally well at boosting traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction. While you have to take the time on the front end to develop your program, once it is up and running, your customers are the ones doing all the work!

referral program Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic
Image credit(s): Dropbox

Referral programs work so well because they rely on recommendations that come from trusted people. Referrals and recommendations remain the most trusted form of advertising, with over 80% of people saying that they trust recommendations from their family and friends.

Harness that power with a great referral program that will have new people regularly heading to your website and hopefully becoming new happy customers who will then share with their friends and family. It’s a wonderful cycle that can regularly boost your traffic and conversions.

Make sure your referral program is easy to understand and mutually beneficial. Dropbox, for example, remains the hallmark example for referral programs, as theirs is simple to understand and has tangible benefits for both parties.

4. Improve Your Headlines

Headlines are read by 5 times as many people compared to body copy. It may be a sad stat to digest, but it’s an important one. And it should make you re-think your headline strategy. If the majority of your time goes into creating your content and your headline is more or less an afterthought, you are likely leaving a lot of traffic on the table!

headlines Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic
Image credit(s): CoSchedule

Your headline is your chance to draw people in. It needs to interest your audience enough that they actually decide to make that all important click and head to your website. By devoting more of your time towards headline planning, you are likely to see a major boost in your traffic.

We also recommend getting some headline help, and in particular, we love CoSchedule’s headline analyzer. They will analyze any headline of yours and help you make the right tweaks so that it is likely to perform better. It really couldn’t be easier. Be sure to bookmark their tool and load it for each new piece of content you create.

While there is plenty of research out there about what types of headlines work best (here’s a great guide if you want to do some extra reading), you should also do some of your own testing to see what works best with your audience. Do some A/B tests and see what inspires your audience to click. Notice any trends and keep them in mind as you plan future articles and their corresponding headlines.

5. Share Content via Web Push Notification

web push Growth Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Traffic
Share your best content via web push notification, especially if you share time sensitive information like breaking news reports. Get the traffic to your site before people find the news elsewhere!

Finally, one of the best ways to boost traffic to your website is to directly reach out to your audience with something valuable to them so that they will want to click back to you. One of the best ways to do that? Web push of course.

Web push is such a great growth hack because it is so easy to set up and use and helps you connect with your audience way easier than other methods like email marketing or social media. There are great uses for email and social media, but it has gotten so crowded that many brands need to branch out to something new. Have you noticed that your email open rates are down or your organic social media engagement is low? Turn to web push for help!

Whether it is a blog post that you share, an abandoned cart campaign, a flash sale announcement, a breaking news alert, or anything else, web push is great at boosting traffic to your website. Utilize a mix of broader campaigns targeted at certain segments of your audience along with personalized triggered campaigns that are based on your subscribers’ individual actions for excellent results that will have your traffic, engagement, and sales soaring.

Wrapping Up

These growth hacks guaranteed to boost traffic, well, will do just that! If growth is your main mission right now, growth hacking is a great way to get results fast. While nothing will give you immediate results, these strategies will help you boost traffic quickly.

From repurposing old content, to starting up your own messenger bot, utilizing web push, starting a referral program, and improving your headlines, these are strategies that you can get started with quickly and that will get you results just as fast.

What’s your favorite growth hacking strategy for boosting traffic? Is it something we didn’t mention? Let us know by sending us a message!

If you are interested in utilizing web push notifications for boosting your traffic, you can get started for free with Aimtell, or learn more by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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