Simplified Installation, Multi GCM Key Support, Welcome Notification Enhancements & More

Today marks another new feature release day here at Aimtell, and we’ve got lots to share. So without further adieu, let’s dive right in!

Bye, Felicia Manifest

With the latest release there is no longer the need to install the aimtell-manifest.json file on your website. This will all be handled behind the scenes.

That means installing Aimtell is now 33% faster and easier!

Additionally, since we’ve eliminated the need for the aimtell-manifest.json file, all GCM/FCM key updates will immediately take effect on your site. So from now on, you can instantly add your own GCM keys all within the dashboard and they will automatically update on your site. No more need to manually update any files.

Multi GCM/FCM Support

While the team was working on removing the aimtell-manifest file, we noticed that several users had previously created and updated their GCM/FCM keys multiple times. While this in theory is fine, we noticed several cases where some notifications were not being delivered because Aimtell users had updated their FCM keys and we no longer had the Keys required to reach older subscribers.

To illustrate this:

  • Visitor subscribes to your site with GCM id #123
  • You update your GCM id to #456 in the dashboard
  • We are no longer able to send a push to visitors who matched GCM id #123 (since we don’t keep keys if you delete/update them)

To overcome this, we now support the ability to add multiple GCM keys per site. This will enable you to update your keys at anytime and not have to worry about impacting old subscribers.

Note: the scenario described above impacted a very, very small percentage of our users. If you were impacted, we will notify you directly

Quick Attribute Fetch (via javascript)

As many users continue to build on top of our API, we receive more and more feature requests. One frequently requested feature was to be able to access subscriber attributes via the javascript API.

This would allow you to dynamically update your website based on subscriber information.

For instance, you could now create a page and ask your subscribers to select if they are interested in receiving specific types of notifications. On page load, you could call the function and update their settings for them.

To learn more, check out:

Custom Image & Icon Support For Welcome Notifications

Welcome notifications will now have the ability to use custom icons and images. Simply head to your welcome notifications and select the “Change Icon” or “Change Image” buttons. Remember, only certain browsers support custom large images, you can check out which ones do by looking at our documentation here:

Conversion Tracking & Add to Cart Enhancements (Shopify)

Several Shopify users have reached out and informed us that not all automated “Add to Cart” events were being tracked on their site, and as a result, neither were all conversions.

Well, that didn’t sit too well with the team here – so we’ve gone ahead and fixed that right up. Shopify users can expect to see an increase in add to cart events, abandoned cart notifications and conversions resulting directly from their campaigns

Note: interested in conversion tracking but not a Shopify user? Be sure to check out our docs on conversion tracking:

Wrapping Up

That covers most of the key feature sets and enhancements you can expect to see in this update. We’ve also added various improvements under the hood to help increase deliverability and speed.

Have some features you’ve been dying to see? Leave us a comment below or shoot us an email and let us know!

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