New to Aimtell: Updates to Audience Segmentation, Conversion Reporting, Team Members, and More

Hey, Aimtell users! We’ve spent the last few weeks working on some exciting new features, and we thought it was time to clue you in on everything that has been going on! There’s plenty to talk about, so let’s dive in.

1. View More in Segments Option

Clicking on your segments list from your dashboard now gives you access to more information you may find helpful when building your segments and campaigns. When you click a specific segment you will now be able to see a historical count for subscribers who have matched that segment. You can also get a quick look at subscribers who currently comprise a certain segment and can export that list as well. You also have the ability to download a report containing the historical count for a certain segment.

This info can help you make better informed decisions about segments to create for your business based on factors such as how many users are actually found in each segment and if that number varies over time. This is just one more piece of information you have access to that will help you  better understand who your subscribers are and what their activity is at your site.

2. Relative Dates in Segments

relative dates

If you’ve wanted more control over timing involved with your segmentation, you’ve got it. Now, when creating a new segment condition you can pass {today} into the generator and it will automatically input today’s date. You can also use this to dynamically change the date by passing something like {today +5d} into the generator, which would mean 5 days from now. You can also do this to signal days in the past, such as {today -2d} meaning 2 days ago.

This will help improve your audience segmentation and makes it easier for you to build segments based on a user’s activity at your site. For example, you might create a repeating campaign for users who have not engaged with your site for a week. The segmentation in this case would be {today -7d}. Alternatively, you could also create a campaign that sends an introductory offer to all new subscribers 2 days after they opted in using {today +2d}.

3. Column Picker for Subscribers

column picker, audience segmentation

Looking at specific subscriber info just got a lot easier. We’ve added a convenient ‘column picker’ that allows you to choose which info you want to see from your subscribers. You can choose from any of the custom attributes you have been tracking and can use subscriber info to create new campaigns and segments.

For example, you could look at a segment of subscribers who have placed an order in the past 24 hours. Select a relevant custom attribute such as order amount in order to see who spent what at your site. Create a follow up campaign with an exclusive offer for your best customers, or simply use the info to send individual follow up campaigns. No matter what you do, it’ll be a lot easier now!

Speaking of custom attributes, they are now also available via the Get Subscribers endpoint. All you have to do is pass “&include=attribute” to the call.

4. Conversions Now Show Summation Values

conversion value, audience segmentation

It was a big deal when we first released conversion tracking, and now in addition to seeing how many total conversions resulted from your campaign, you’ll also get a quick view of the actual conversion value that resulted from the campaign. This makes it easier for you to quickly see how your campaigns are performing and the revenue they are producing.

You can still click the ‘Conversions’ tab to see a breakdown of each conversion and its value. The total number displays at the top for easy viewing and reporting.

5. Quick Add Team Members Permissions

Aimtell - Quick add team members, audience segmentation

If you manage a lot of websites, granting permission to team members could turn into a lengthy process. Not anymore! Now you have the ability to select all and give a team member access to all of your added websites. Simply hit ‘Select All’ to grant access to all of your websites. You can then click again to unselect all if you would like to remove access from all sites.

You can still manually select websites if you want team members to only have access to certain sites. Quick add simply makes it easier if you want your entire team on board and able to access all of your websites and campaigns.

Wrapping Up

Phew, that’s it for now! We hope you’re happy with all these new features and put them to good use in your web push campaigns. These updates will make things easier on you, allowing you to improve your audience segmentation, gain more insight into your subscribers and their behavior, and add or change team member permissions with the click of a button. Is there something else you’ve been waiting for? Let us know! Comment below or send us a message.

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