Discover The DMS Managed Monetization Push Marketing Solution

Website owners looking for additional ways to engage and monetize their audiences have a great opportunity to do so with DMS managed monetized web push notifications. DMS managed web push marketing monetizes web push subscribers and is performance-optimized through powerful machine learning and the experts of the DMS team. (DMS recently acquired Aimtell.) DMS managed push marketing monetization services can easily add additional revenue streams to any website. 

What Are Monetized Web Push Notifications?

An example monetized web push notification

A monetized web push notification displays a targeted third-party offer. If a subscriber clicks on this notification, the click generates revenue for the website that sent the notification. Similar to display ads, monetized push notifications provide websites with an additional way to accrue revenue.  

Monetized web push marketing campaigns can be DMS managed or run as self-service campaigns via the Aimtell Offer Network (AON).

What Is DMS Managed Monetized Push Marketing?

The DMS managed push marketing solution is designed for Aimtell users who want to send monetized push marketing campaigns without the hassle of managing those campaigns. The Aimtell push marketing technology is the platform used to create and send monetized web push notifications but DMS managed push marketing clients do not need to manage any aspect of their monetized push marketing campaigns. Instead, DMS team members, supported by advanced AI, will deploy optimized ad campaigns focused on monetization on behalf of the DMS clients running DMS managed monetized push marketing campaigns. 

  • Notification content: DMS managed clients do not create their monetized web push notification content or manage their monetization campaigns, and they pay a share of the revenue generated from their monetized web push notifications.
  • Messaging & re-engagement content: DMS managed clients can choose to have their messaging and re-engagement push notification campaigns be self-service or managed by DMS.

Who Is A Good Fit For DMS Managed Monetized Push Marketing Campaigns?

Certain websites may be a better fit for the DMS managed, monetized push marketing solution. In particular, websites focused on lead generation, affiliate marketing websites and sales funnel websites may benefit from DMS managed, monetized push marketing. The DMS managed monetization push marketing solution allows you to monetize your web push notification subscribers and can fit in seamlessly with other monetization or traffic generating strategies you may already be deploying. For example, if you are running performance ads that send traffic to your website, monetized push notifications can be a great way to monetize this traffic further. Keep in mind that you can only send web push notifications to people who have opted in to receive them.   

How Monetized Push Marketing Results Are Measured 

For DMS managed clients, web push notification performance is based on the number of clicks generated, and revenue is generated from these clicks. Advanced AI auto-optimizes a website’s push notifications for optimal performance. Additionally, DMS managed clients have their accounts optimized daily by the DMS team and receive support from a dedicated client relations manager.

Clients can access their Aimtell dashboard at any time to see their website’s push marketing performance. The dashboard will display the total number of subscribers, new daily subscribers and revenue generated. Those clients who pull stats into their system via API will have some additional stats available to review.

Take Your Monetization To The Next Level

Monetized web push marketing campaigns are a great way for website owners to scale revenue. The DMS managed monetized push marketing solution is an easy and effective way to handle push monetization. If you are interested in the DMS managed push marketing solution, please reach out to us to schedule a demo. If you prefer self-service solutions, be sure to take advantage of our AON.


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