New to Aimtell: Performance Insights, RSS Image Support, Action Button Defaults, Custom Attributes Improvements, and More!

Our latest round of new features is here and we are excited to share them with you all! There are some great updates to announce that will continue to make your overall web push experience better. We have exciting new performance improvements and feature updates, including new performance insights, more flexibility with using custom attributes, action button defaults, and a lot more.

Performance Insights

Our new performance insights will give you a quick overview of how your top ten sites are performing with regards to gains and drops in subscribers, notifications sent and clicked, conversions and opt-in rates based on the average of the date ranges and selected end date.

new to aimtell performance insights

Head to the overview section of the dashboard to try out the two new reporting options. First input the date range that you wish to analyze and then click either ‘Performance Insights – Gains’ or ‘Performance Insights – Drops.’ A pop-up window will appear and display the averages for the top ten performing sites from the timeframe you selected.

This is a nice top-level report that will provide a quick overview of how your sites are performing with regards to your subscriber counts, notifications sent and clicked, campaign conversions, conversion values and opt-in rates.

Action Button Defaults

Action buttons are a great way to boost user engagement, and now you can easily set defaults. These defaults will show up on campaigns where you have not set any action buttons, giving you additional opportunities for user engagement on all of your campaigns.

new to aimtell default action buttons

Set up these defaults by heading to ‘Misc Settings’ and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here you can define up to five terms for what you’d like your action button text to be (for example, ‘Learn More’ or ‘Click Here.’) These buttons will link to the main notification link you set up for each campaign.

For campaigns where you do add action buttons, they will override these defaults. We highly recommend taking advantage of this in order to provide more opportunities for clicks on all of your campaigns.

Custom Attributes Improvements

Custom attributes are a great way to add an additional level of personalization to a campaign. You now have more control over their use within segments with new ‘Exists’ and ‘Does Not Exist’ options.

new to aimtell custom attribute exists or does not exist

Essentially, this gives you the ability to segment users who have (or do not have) certain attributes tracked against them. For example, you could create a segment that includes users who have their first name tracked. In the segment, you do not have to specify what their name is, but simply that the attribute exists for the user.

Alternatively, you could target individuals who do not have an email address tracked and create a campaign asking for users to provide that info. This update gives you much more flexibility when creating your segments. Keep in mind that that is different from using custom attributes within push campaigns themselves.

This update should give you a lot more options for using custom attributes within your segmentation, so be sure to give it a shot! You can always check your logs (Logs > Custom Attributes) to see what attributes you are currently tracking, or check out our documentation on tracking custom attributes to set up new ones!

RSS Image Support

RSS feed campaigns now support images! When adding a new RSS feed you will notice a new line in the feed preview. This line will display the image that is being pulled for the particular feed link (if there is one).

new to aimtell RSS feed images

You can decide how you would like to manage your RSS feed images in the ‘Settings’ tab. Here you can choose if you want to override the push icon or image with the feed image. You can either choose to not override, or choose to override either the icon or the image. For more help, check out our RSS Feed Campaigns documentation.

Alias Event Variable Support

Our Aimtell Alias feature is great for associating another username and/or email with a particular subscriber. This gives you a simplified way to send server-side requests to track attributes, events, or send notifications against a specific subscriber. In our latest update, you now have the ability to track event variables as well. Event variables are a great way to add additional personalization to your push notifications. Read our Tracking Subscriber Aliases documentation to learn more about tracking aliases.

Fresher Analytics

We know that having the most up-to-date info on how your Aimtell sites are performing is important for you all. You’ll be happy to know that our analytics are even “fresher” now! With this update, your data for sends, clicks, and subscribers will now update every hour. You can see this data reflected in the Overview section of the dashboard as well as the Websites overview section. Remember that you can also export this information in order to share it with other team members, clients, or stakeholders.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for now! These features are live now so be sure to look for them and try them out in your latest campaigns. Be sure to get those action button defaults set up right away, test out new segments utilizing custom attributes, check out your RSS feed campaigns, look at your performance insights, and consider integrating with Active Campaign. If you have any questions we recommend checking out our documentation center. You can also always reach out to us directly and we would be happy to help you.

If you are looking to get started with push notifications you can start for free with Aimtell or learn more about web push by reading our beginner’s guide.


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