5 Clever Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

Generating leads is no easy task. Even with a great product or service, you won’t have an audience ready and waiting for you without putting in the work needed to capture their attention.

Thankfully, there are some great, effective strategies to take advantage of that will help you gain quality leads that are sure to turn into customers.

One of the best strategies these days is making use of lead magnets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a lead magnet is simply some type of incentive that a brand offers to users in exchange for their contact information. For the user, they are gaining something valuable for free, and for brands, they are gaining a quality lead that they can then nurture towards converting.

Sounds great, right? It is! However, the key to success here is to make sure you offer the right type of lead magnet. With the wrong lead magnet, you simply won’t get great results. After all, while the lead magnet doesn’t cost your audience anything financially, they are still giving up their contact information. People are more cautious today with how often they provide their information, so the offer needs to be worthwhile for them.

So, what does a worthwhile lead magnet look like? There are several different types to consider, and depending on your brand, you can determine what is the right fit. Today we’ll be discussing 5 unique types of lead magnets that are guaranteed to generate conversions.

1. Case Study

case study Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

One of the best ways to boost sales is to present a case study as your lead magnet that shows your product or service in action. Well-crafted sales copy may entice some people, but many are increasingly wary of marketing messages from brands. However, it is hard to argue with actual stats!

Case studies work so well because they perform more similarly to testimonials or other similar marketing messages. People are far more likely to listen to a recommendation from someone as opposed to listening and trusting a traditional marketing message.

A case study is essentially a detailed testimonial that shares how a person or brand is benefitting from using your product or service. It is a great piece of content that can help persuade your leads to convert. It’s a great lead magnet, as it is something that a user wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. For that reason, they would be likely to give their contact info in order to get the study.

2. Free Trial

free trial Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and for that reason, a free trial (or free sample if you sell physical products) is a great lead magnet. It’s also a great way to boost conversions, as it gives the user a chance to test out your product and see for his or herself if it is what they are looking for. This is especially great if you do not have a physical storefront where someone can go and test out your products or services. This gives them the opportunity to do so without having to commit to purchase.

This is a great lead magnet to offer to leads who are a ways down your sales funnel and are getting closer to making a final decision about whether or not to convert. They already have an understanding of your product or service, and now need to make a final decision. A free trial can be just the thing they need to fully convince them to shop with you instead of your competitors.

3. eBook/Webinar/Cheatsheet

guide Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

For leads who are a bit higher in your sales funnel and are still in need of more information, an eBook, user guide, webinar, or other similar piece of content makes for a perfect lead magnet. This piece of info should be very detailed, contain a lot of useful information, and of course not be available anywhere else on the web. This should be unique content that a user would be willing to access in exchange for providing their information.

This works especially well as a lead magnet if the guide includes exclusive tips or examples that a user can immediately put into practice. People will be more willing to give out their info if they feel like they are gaining exclusive knowledge that they will be able to use in their own lives right away to solve various pain points they are experiencing.

4. Special Offer

special offer Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

Similar to offering a free trial, an exclusive discount or special offer is another great lead magnet to consider. A popular example is to receive a percentage off of your first purchase if you subscribe to a mailing list (like the above example). This is such a popular lead magnet because it works so well. The payoff is instant for the user, and as a result they will oftentimes be more than willing to provide their email in order to get the deal.

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when creating your lead magnet. Discount codes are always an effective tactic when trying to boost conversions, and by using it as your lead magnet, you can boost your sales and your email list at the same time. Genius!

5. Free Consultation

product demo Lead Magnets that are Guaranteed to Generate Conversions

Finally, another lead magnet example to consider is to offer either a free consultation or product demo. This is great if you offer a more complex service. In this case, a free trial may not be your best option because there is so much to your service. Instead, a product demo is better so that you can show off how to use your product and all that it is capable of.

This is a really powerful offering and makes for a great lead magnet. This is also a great way to engage your customers and develop a connection with them- something that isn’t always easy to do online. By taking the time to explain your product to a user one-on-one, not only will they walk away knowing more, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to engage with them directly.

Wrapping Up

Lead magnets continue to be one of the best ways to capture quality leads. In particular, you will find that these are the best lead magnets that are guaranteed to generate conversions. By offering something beneficial such as a free trial, exclusive discount, consult or product demo, case study, or informative guide, your audience will be far more likely to hand over their contact information. With that crucial step out of the way, you are well on your way towards boosting your conversion rates.

What is your favorite type of lead magnet to offer? Let us know by sending us a message!

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