Aimtell Welcomes WordPress 5.0

It’s a big day in the WordPress community as the release of the highly anticipated WordPress 5.0 is finally here! We know that many of you run your websites on WordPress, so we wanted to share a quick update with you all, especially with regards to using Aimtell with the new update.

WordPress 5.0 + Aimtell

Aimtell plugin WordPress 5.0

If you are hesitant to update your website to 5.0, we totally understand. This is a major update, the largest that WordPress has seen in years, and with that comes concerns about various site bugs, as well as themes and plugins not working. While we can’t tell you whether or not to update right away, we can let you know that if you do, Aimtell will be ready to go with you! Our Aimtell plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0.

WordPress 5.0 New Features

If you are thinking about updating right away, there is plenty to be excited about! There are several new features coming your way, including the new Gutenberg editor. Here are some of the main new features you will find when updating to 5.0:

Gutenberg: This is the big one. The post editing section of WordPress has not seen a major change in years, until now. Gutenberg is a block editor, compared to the traditional editor which resembles more of a standard Word document editing experience. Your content (paragraphs, headings, images, videos, and more) are now added via content blocks which you can easily move around to form your blog post. You can check out this tutorial for an overview of the new editor.

Twenty Nineteen Theme: With this update comes the latest theme from WordPress! What is best about this is that the theme will be totally responsive and therefore look great on all screen sizes and device types.

Increased Security: Security is at the front of everyone’s mind, including the team at WordPress. 5.0 will bring with it new security plugins which you can use to help further protect your site. Keep in mind that you should also keep up with other security measures, such as installing an SSL certificate for your site if you have not already done so (not to mention that you can’t send web push notifications to some major browsers without it!)

Front-End Editing: Depending on what theme or editing tools you use at your site you may already use a front-end editor, but now you will be able to do so directly with WordPress 5.0 (instead of relying on a page builder such as Visual Composer).

Background Image Cropping: Finally, you will now be able to crop your background images before publishing them live at your website. This might seem like a small change, but it is a significant one that will save you a lot of time that was previously spent manually cropping and uploading images.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are excited for 5.0 or not, it’s here! Here are the main takeaways with this latest update:

  • Our Aimtell WordPress plugin is compatible with WordPress 5.0.
  • If you are concerned about bugs (or just don’t like change), you don’t have to update right away.
  • If you update and aren’t happy with Gutenberg, you can install the Classic Editor plugin to regain the editing experience you are used to.

How are you feeling about Gutenberg and 5.0? Let us know and send us a message!

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