How Shopify Users Can Get the Most from their Web Push Campaigns

Do you run an ecommerce store via Shopify? If so, you are one of nearly one million merchants that utilize the platform. Shopify’s app store gives you access to tons of apps that you can smartly use to enhance your ecommerce shopping experience to give your customers more of a reason to shop with you.

Specifically, Shopify users have a lot to gain from using web push notifications to engage (and reengage) their audience. Thankfully, Aimtell offers plenty of features that you can use to not only communicate with your audience, but also track their actions at your store. Here’s how we recommend that you should use Shopify and web push notifications.

If you haven’t started using web push yet- we recommend you install it first using our easy Shopify plugin. For more help with that you can read our documentation here.


Segment Your Users

To start off, a great feature of web push notifications is the endless possibilities you have for segmentation. Grouping your subscribers into groups, or segments, help you deliver smarter campaigns that your users will find more personalized and more relevant. Aimtell automatically collects a lot of data from your subscribers, and this is all data you can use to help create your segments. Some examples of the data we collect include device type, browser type, page views, regions, and more. You can view the full list of data here.

As a Shopify user, you also have certain custom attributes that we automatically track for you, which are:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Order Count
  • Total Spent

You can use these attributes to create targeted campaigns. Keep in mind you can also combine these custom attributes with other data to create your segments, or personas. For example, you might want a segment of users who live in California who have spent $100 or more at your store.

In addition to the Shopify custom attributes, you can also create your own custom attributes. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

Shopify and web push notifications
Segment users based on items they’ve looked at and alert them about price changes or sales.


As a Shopify user, you might want to alert users that a certain item of yours has gone on sale. Instead of alerting all of your subscribers, you can instead create a segment of users who have previously looked at that item, and send an alert that it is now on sale (like the above example). This notification is relevant and useful to those targeted, and is likely to result in a boost in sales.


Utilize Triggered Campaigns

As a Shopify user, you have numerous events that we automatically track for you. The events that we track are:

  • Purchased Item
  • Item Shipped
  • Item Added to Cart
  • Cart Abandoned

You can use these custom events to set up triggered campaigns, which will send automatically as a result of any of the above events. What is great about these triggered campaigns is that you only have to set them up once and then they will send going forward to any subscriber that takes a given action.

In particular, abandoned cart campaigns are incredibly effective at retargeting subscribers and helping to boost conversion rates. For best results, include some sort of incentive (such as a discount code or free shipping offer) in order to encourage the user to return to your site and complete their purchase.

You are not limited to just the above custom events. You can also create your own custom events to use to send additional triggered campaigns. For more information on custom events, click here.

Regularly Re-engage Your Audience

Another great web push feature is the ability to repeat a campaign according to a certain schedule. You can schedule any manual campaign to repeat either daily, weekly, or monthly. This is incredibly useful for bringing back users who haven’t visited your website in a while. For example, you could set up a segment of users who haven’t visited your website in 7 days and use this segment as your target for a manual campaign that will repeat weekly. The segment will automatically update according to your users, and the campaign will automatically send once a week.

This type of campaign is great at retargeting users while also being incredibly easy to set up. Just like with triggered campaigns, you only have to set it up once, and it will automatically send going forward according to your schedule.


Track Your Results

You don’t have to wonder about the effectiveness of your web push notifications. Everything is tracked and easily monitored via our dashboard.

Shopify and web push notifications
Track your results for all your campaigns, as well as other info such as your new subscriber count.


Plenty of basic information is tracked for you, such as how many new subscribers you get over a period of time, how many notifications you have sent, how many have been clicked, and more. This is all incredibly useful for seeing how your notifications are doing and determining what you should keep doing or what you should change.

There is one tracking feature, however, that is going to be a great source of knowledge for all Shopify users, and that is conversion tracking. You can easily set up this feature for any new manual campaign that you create. Simply toggle on the ‘track conversion’ button and your campaign will be monitored based on the custom event you select (such as an item being purchased).

Shopify and web push notifications
Toggle on the ‘Track conversions’ button for any manual campaign you create.


Once you toggle conversion tracking on (like in the above image), you have to set up your conversion logic. This alerts Aimtell of what the action is that a user will take that counts as a conversion. For example, if you want to track how many items get purchased as a result of your notification, the Event Category would be Item and the Event Action would be Purchased.

If you enable this tracking, you will see the number of conversions that result from that campaign once it is sent. Looking at your overall list of manual notifications you will see a ‘conversions’ column that will show you how many you received from a notification. You can click the notification for a more detailed view of all the conversions that resulted from that one campaign.


Wrapping Up

And there you have it! As a Shopify user, you have plenty of tools and options for targeting your audience and boosting conversions. Looking to get started? Download our Shopify plugin here.

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