Expand Your Website’s Monetization Potential With The Aimtell Push Extension

Website owners looking to get even more out of their push marketing efforts can integrate monetized web push notifications into their strategy. Whether you utilize the Aimtell Offer Network (AON) or the DMS-managed solution for monetization, you can take advantage of the Aimtell Push Extension. This latest feature expands your monetization opportunities and may result in increased click volume and revenue for your website.  

What Is The Aimtell Push Extension?

The Aimtell Push Extension enables your website to send a complimentary third-party monetized web push notification automatically whenever another previously scheduled push notification deploys. Both web push notifications will deliver to a subscriber at the same time on their desktop or mobile device. Revenue is generated if a subscriber clicks on the monetized push notification, displaying a targeted third-party offer.

DMS push extension
An extension push notification will deliver to a subscriber’s desktop or mobile device at the same time as the scheduled push


By showing two web push notifications simultaneously, website owners can expand their push marketing real estate and provide subscribers with more options for engagement. Instead of sending web push notifications at different times, website owners can use the push extension to deliver multiple pushes at one time. 

Can Any Website Use The Push Extension?

The Aimtell Push Extension is available for both self-service Aimtell users and DMS-managed websites. Any website owner interested in expanding their monetized push marketing can benefit from the push extension, increasing opportunities for revenue and click volume. The push extension is also a way to increase the volume of monetized pushes without increasing the frequency with which you are sending pushes.  

Managing The Push Extension

There is very little that website owners need to do to start utilizing the Aimtell Push Extension. To get started, you can reach out to your sales representative to request that they add the push extension, which is done easily by adding a simple line of code to your website. You can also specify a certain frequency for your push extension notifications. For example, you could set a 50% frequency, meaning that an extension push will be sent along with 50% of your scheduled push notifications. Setting a frequency is optional, and if one is not set, an extension push will send along with every scheduled push. 

Get Started With Push Marketing Monetization

The Aimtell Push Extension is an excellent opportunity to increase the volume of monetized web push notifications and may result in increased revenue for your website. Whether you are currently an Aimtell user only, or if you utilize the Aimtell Offer Network or are a DMS-managed client, you can scale your monetization efforts with the push extension. If you are interested in getting started, reach out to your sales representative today to learn more and to have the extension added to your website.


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