New Segmentation Options Come to Aimtell

If you have any experience with marketing, you know the power of a good segment. Whether you use segmentation for your web push campaigns, social media ads, or email blasts, it pays to do your research and segment your audience accordingly.

Here at Aimtell we have plenty of segmentation options for you to utilize, and today we are excited to unveil even more features that will give you more control over your campaigns and make it easier than ever to build segments that make sense for your business.

We’ve also got a few other exciting updates to share as well that we think you’ll really enjoy- including updates to our popular Zapier integration. Let’s get to it.

Include/Exclude Segments

Previously, when creating multiple segments with similar conditions you’d need to recreate the conditions for each segment. This often made similar segments unnecessarily long and made exclusion audiences challenging. Well, we decided it was time to change that! Now you are able to include or exclude segment conditions within another segment.

segmentation options
A look at the segmentation dashboard.


Setting this up is incredibly easy. Add on to any segment by adding an ‘and/or’ condition that links to another segment. The above example shows you a segment that is mobile users who exist in a certain segment, but not in another. Pretty easy, right?

With this update you now have more control over who you send your web push campaigns to. You can get as narrow as you want by making use of these segment conditions, or keep it fairly broad. Depending on the campaign itself you can more easily determine what your audience should be. With this new tool, you can be sure your campaign goes to exactly who you want, and no one else.

Zapier Improvements

Aimtell Zapier Integration

Our Zapier integration launched back in 2016 and was a great success. We’ve built upon our original integration to give you new tracking abilities as well as pre-built integrations. Previously, you could only send push notifications. Not anymore. Now, you can also track custom events and attributes.

Pre-built integrations? We’ve got a few. Our pre-built integrations include popular apps like Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, Shopify, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, MailChimp, Eventbrite, and ActiveCampaign. The result? Automated campaigns that make your life easier- simple as that! Read our documentation on our Zapier integration to learn more about the power of automation and how you can best use it with your web push campaigns.

Google Single Sign-On

It is now easier to sign up and sign in to Aimtell thanks to Google Single Sign-On (SSO). This allows you to easily create a new account (or log in to your existing account) by connecting to your Google account. It just takes a few clicks to set up and best of all, you don’t have to worry about remembering yet another username and password. SSO is not only convenient, it helps to improve security as well, something that we have always prioritized.

Wrapping Up

We hope you will enjoy all of these new features, which are all available now. Our new segmentation tools will make it easier for you to build better segments that target exactly the audience you want. Our Zapier integration now tracks more info and is easier to set up than ever. Signing in has also never been easier thanks to Google SSO. Hopefully these new features free up some of your time that you can spend on other important tasks.

We love hearing your feedback! Let us know of any other updates you want to see around here by sending us a message.

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