10 Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

While the way in which you accomplish your business goals might be complicated, the bottom line is simple: You always want to increase your conversions. Thankfully, as a Shopify store owner, you’ve got plenty of apps to choose from that will help you with just that. At affordable price points (some are even free), and with easy to install configurations, there’s no reason to not give these apps a try.

Here are our picks for the best 10 Shopify Apps to boost conversions and sales.

Table of Contents

  • One-Click Checkout
  • Split- Partial Payments
  • Product Reviews
  • Hurrify- Countdown Timer
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Outfy- Social Media Promotion
  • Back in Stock: Customer Alerts
  • Conjured Referrals
  • sixads
  • Aimtell

1. One-Click Checkout

one click checkout Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Boost your sales by making it easier and quicker for your customers to check out. One-Click Checkout (as the name suggests) allows Shopify store owners to easily update their site to provide quicker options for buying. You can choose to either display a pop-up of your cart once an item has been added with a ‘Buy Now’ button, or send them directly to the checkout page when they add something to their cart.

By reducing the number of steps your users have to go through, you will find your conversion rates improve. It’s that simple! In fact, 27% of people list a long checkout process as the top reason they decide to abandon their cart. Don’t lose out on all those potential sales- streamline your checkout process instead.

We like that with this app you still give the customer some control over whether they want to instantly purchase something, or if they want to continue shopping. Once they do want to buy, they can quickly get to the checkout page and be on their way.

Price: $15.95/month with a 7-day free trial

2. Split- Partial Payments

split partial payments Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Cost will always be a contributing factor when it comes to making a purchase decision. In the ecommerce world, one of the few downsides of note compared to brick and mortar stores is that you cannot purchase an item using multiple payment methods. Split is an app that is changing that, making it easier for customers to split payments either between different cards, or even between numerous people.

Have you ever paid for a large item and then had to deal with asking your friends to pay you back? While there are apps out there like Venmo that have made it easier to request payment from your friends, we love that Split allows you to split a purchase right from the start. This makes the process easier than ever, and that is a great way to boost conversions.

If a customer also wants to pay for the item with numerous cards, they are able to do so with Split. More and more customers are gravitating towards stores that give them unique options when it comes to important factors like cost, and Split will allow you to do just that.

Price: $9.95/month with a 7-day free trial

3. Product Reviews

product review Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Utilizing social proof is no longer just a recommendation when it comes to ecommerce stores- it is pretty much a requirement! Having product reviews visible on your product pages is one of the best ways to increase your conversions, and Product Reviews is a great (and free!) app directly from Shopify that ensures reviews are visible on your product pages for people to see. There is also the option for a customer to leave a review as well.

Over 80% of customers say that reviews or recommendations make them more likely to make a purchase. It’s hard to fight with stats like that, and this app makes it easy to get your reviews up and running. You can also follow these tips once you’ve enabled your reviews if you are struggling to get people to leave reviews of your products.

Price: Free

4. Hurrify- Countdown Timer

hurrify Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

It can seriously pay off to take advantage of basic psychology principles like scarcity and urgency. Hurrify is a great app that allows you to create your own countdown timer that you can use to promote sales. There is something about seeing the time ticking down that inspires people to act, and that’s exactly what you need!

In addition to the timer itself, you can also choose to display a progress bar if you have a limited amount of inventory you are selling. This is the perfect way to utilize the scarcity principle by showing people important stats like how many products have sold, how many remain, and how many people are watching the product. It is a genius way to alert customers what is going on behind the scenes. Before, you could only really rely on this principle in physical stores. There’s only one product left on the shelf- you better purchase it now before someone else does! Duplicate that same feeling now with ecommerce products and expect a nice sales bump.

Price: $6.99/month with a 2-day free trial

5. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Frequently Bought Together is a great Shopify app that makes it easy for you to cross-sell your products in order to increase conversions. Cross-selling is another classic principle that simply works to boost sales. The problem is, it can be really difficult to manage on your own. This app takes care of everything for you, using smart AI that analyzes your specific shop and recommends products that previous customers have purchased with the current item.

It is much easier to sell to existing customers (you’ve got around a 60% shot vs. around a 10% shot with new customers), and cross-selling takes advantage of that in the smartest possible way. This app also makes it easy for customers to add those suggested items to their cart with the click of one button, giving you a better chance they will actually do so instead of manually having to search for the items.

Price: $6.99/month with a 30-day free trial

6. Outfy- Social Media Promotion

outfy Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Everyone knows how powerful social media is for business, but not everyone has the time or talent to put together social media posts. With the use of Outfy, you can handle your social media without needing to hire a graphic designer! Outfy helps you create two different types of social posts. You can either feature your very products (as pictured above), or utilize their templates to create eye-catching images that promote your sales, product launches, and so much more.

Outfy also makes it easy to schedule your social posts, and best of all, they integrate with 12 social platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Wanelo, Fancy, Keep, WeHeartit, The Hunt, Juxtapost, and Kit.

If your social media efforts have been lacking and you want to ramp things up to help boost your sales (as well as brand awareness), Outfy can help you get it done.

Price: Free to install, then pay as little as 2.5 cents per post

7. Back in Stock: Customer Alerts

back in stock Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

When a product sells out, that doesn’t mean your customers don’t want it anymore! The problem is, they are likely to forget about it and won’t return to check if it has come back in stock. With Back in Stock, you don’t have to worry about how many potential sales you are missing out on! Instead, users can sign up to be notified by email when the item they want is back in stock.

This is a quick and easy way to regain at least some of the sales you would otherwise completely miss out on simply because your product is out of stock. While there’s no way to regain 100% of the sales, you will regain some, and something is always better than nothing. Plus, this app is incredibly easy to use and customize to match the look of your website with no coding required. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it.

Price: Plans start at $19/month with a 30-day free trial

8. Conjured Referrals

conjured referrals Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

You’ve got your social proof partially covered when it comes to your product reviews, but referral programs can help you take things to the next level! With Conjured Referrals, you can increase sales by relying on word of mouth marketing and by rewarding both the existing and new customer. It’s a winning equation that benefits everyone.

This app makes it easy to set up your own referral program, allowing you to decide what type of reward you want to give your customers, as well as how you want the look and feel of the program to be so that it matches your existing website.

People are on average 4 times more likely to purchase something when they are referred by a friend. Couple that with a nice discount and you’ve got a recipe for success. This app makes it easy to set up and manage your referral program with ease!

Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 14-day free trial

9. sixads


How can a Shopify merchant engage with people who are already considering buying something from another Shopify store? One great way is by attracting shoppers from relevant stores. sixads equips any Shopify retailer with this opportunity. sixads is a simple and easy to setup application that allows you to exchange product ads with other stores in a partner network. Best of all, they have a free plan option. Their model works on a win-win basis, where merchants get traffic from other stores, and vice versa.

They do offer paid plans which give you the option to opt-out from displaying ads on your page, while yours will still be shown. You are also likely to achieve a better click-through rate and thousands of impressions. 

What also makes this app great is that it doesn’t require any technical expertise. You can also set up automated targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns in just a few clicks. Select a number of products you want to promote, adjust your daily budget (which can be as small as just $2/day), and launch a campaign. Their AI algorithm will do the rest, so you don’t have to.

Price: Free. Paid plans start at $9.99/month.

10. Aimtell

aimtell Shopify Apps that Boost Sales and Conversions

Finally, overcome your current abandoned cart rate by retargeting your users and reclaiming some of those carts! No matter the reason a user decides to abandon their cart, you have the ability to retarget them using an app like Aimtell that sends website push notifications. You decide how long you want to wait before the notification sends, as well as the content of the notification itself. We recommend adding in a discount code to really encourage the user to return to your site and complete their purchase, but the final decision is up to you.

Once the notification is set up, it triggers automatically once the conditions are met. Best of all, web push delivers to both desktop and mobile devices, and a user can opt in with just the click or tap of one button.

Users who abandon their carts clearly have at least some level of interest in your brand. Instead of letting them leave (possibly forever), retarget them via web push and get them back! Web push is one of the easiest ways to retarget your audience, and it can help you boost your sales in numerous ways in addition to targeting abandoned carts.

If you are curious about other ways you can use web push, check out this article that details the top 5 push notifications every ecommerce site should use.

Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 14-day free trial

Wrapping Up

Boosting your Shopify sales can happen in a lot of different ways. From improving your checkout options, to referral programs, social media marketing, retargeting, and more, you have a lot of power when it comes to your store. Better yet, you can rely on these Shopify apps that boost sales and conversions to do a lot of the hard work for you!

Do you have a personal favorite when it comes to Shopify apps? What has given you the biggest boost in conversions? Let us know by sending us a message!

Is web push one of the tools you are looking to get started with? Get started for free with Aimtell, or learn more about web push by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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