Abandoned Cart Improvements, Add To Cart Events & More

This morning we pushed live some great new features and improvements to our platform. These new features and enhancements came directly as a result from our users – so big thanks for your suggestions.

Ok, so without further adieu, here is some more info on the updates:

Abandoned Cart Logic Improvements

Previously, “Abandoned Cart” events for Shopify sites were triggered only once an active push subscriber began the checkout process. The flow looked something like this:

Subscriber Adds Item To Cart > Begins Checkout Process > Leaves Website > Abandoned Cart Event Triggered > Abandoned Notification Sent (after your specified delay)

As per request from many Shopify users – abandoned cart events will now automatically trigger after a website visitors adds some item to their cart and then abandons it. So the new flow looks like this:

Subscriber Adds Item To Cart > Leaves Website > Abandoned Cart Event Triggered > Abandoned Notification Sent (after your specified delay)

As you can see, abandoned carts will now triggered even if the user does not start the checkout process. As a result of this change, you will start seeing a much higher number of abandoned cart events being triggered in your dashboard. That’s a good thing – it means more chances to convert potential customers!

Note: Just like before, carts are only deemed “Abandoned” if the visitor does not complete their order within 60 minutes + your specified delay.

Custom Push Icons For Triggered Notifications

A few weeks ago we released support for custom push notification icons for manual push notification campaigns. Well, as of today you can now also add custom push icons for your triggered campaigns!

To add a custom push icon for your triggered push notifications simply create your campaign as normal and then upload a custom icon when filling out the notification details.

abandoned cart improvements

Add to Cart Events

We’re also excited to bring in a new automatically tracked event for Shopify users – “Add To Cart”.

From this point forward, subscribers on your website who add an item to their cart will automatically have that recorded in the Aimtell dashboard. Previously you were able to track down anyone who may have purchased an item – now you can also track down anyone who expressed interest in an item by adding it to his or her cart.

Note: We understand that it would be fantastic to be able to create a custom segment for users who added an item to their cart but have not purchased it. It’s in the mix and we hope to release support for that in a few weeks! So hang tight.

There you have it! As always, if you have any features you’d love to see feel free to shoot us an email or leave a comment below.

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