Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2016

The internet has changed the way that business, commerce, and economics work. It has allowed companies to connect to billions of potential customers instantly on the biggest market demographic in the history of humanity. So it’s no wonder that online and digital marketing has become a priority for business. Here is a countdown to the most exciting digital marketing trends & techniques of 2016!

5. Mobile Marketing and The Progressive Web

mobile marketing Digital Marketing Strategies

2015 market a historic time for mobile browsing. Google announced in May 5th, 2015, that mobile browsing traffic overtook desktop traffic in over ten different countries .

This prompted Google to release their newest search algorithm, known as, “Mobilegeddon”, give a boost to mobile friendly websites. The latest update penalizes in the rankings websites that are not optimized for mobile browsing. The update from Google makes their position clear, the technology giant believes that mobile browsing will be the dominant surfing strategy of years to come.

But it doesn’t stop there.

With the new “Progessive Web” revolution, mobile websites are becoming more powerful than ever before. Mobile websites can now run completely offline, interact via bluetooth, send push notifications, receive geolocation updates and much more. The revolution is still in it’s infacy and most features are only now being understood and tested by developers but it won’t be long till marketers start really taking advantage.

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4. 360 & Choice-Point Video


Interactive 360 Video – Clash of Clans

Video marketing has recently emerged as one of the most impactful strategies of the digital marketing world. Platforms like Youtube and DailyMotion have shown that consumers are hungry for video content. Marketing studies have also revealed that videos increase selling rates by a substantial margin, prompting many brands to invest in high-end video production.

And now video is reaching a new stage of interactivity. Thanks to advancements in smartphones and technology, we’ve now begun seeing an increasing amount of 360° video. Facebook and Youtube are among the leaders in the early adoption, enabling users to view immersive 360° video on their smartphones.

With this evolution of video, it has become even more important for marketers to stay current in order to stand out against the stiff competition. With many major social media platforms now supporting 360 degree and choice-point video, marketers are quickly switching to the method. Immersive and interactive video production methods have captivated the hearts and imagination of consumers, which is why 360 & Choice-Point video marketing takes the number 4 spot for most effective digital marketing strategy of 2016.

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3. Next-Stage Email Marketing

kinetic email Digital Marketing Strategies

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While email marketing may not be as exciting as virtual reality and immersive video production, it puts up solid numbers, and with more interactive software, subscribers are getting more mileage out of these emails than ever before. Email marketing techniques have remained dated for years but have slowly begun seeing some fantastic new emerging trends including:

  • Hyper-personalization has become the next focus for email marketing. With the improvements in marketing automation tools and data gathering, subscribers continue to receive increasily tailored emails to their preferences, maximizing efficacy.
  • With increasing support and usage of email web clients, it’s predicted that Gmail will continue to add style media query support to their mobile apps. This will enable designers, marketers and ESPs to finally provide a great experience to Gmail users on desktop and mobile.
  • Kinetic email design is becoming more of a reality. This acts as the next stage of responsive, giving the user multiple ways to interact with the content and layout before he or she takes a committed action. Think interactive emails!

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2. Internet Television Marketing

tv Digital Marketing Strategies

Marketing on television is something that everyone is familiar with. The problem that marketers and consumers alike are coming across is that less and less people are watching conventional cable television, and purchasing spots on cable television is still as expensive as ever. With the rise in popularity of internet television like Chromecast, Apple TV, and Netflix, conventional television advertising has become obsolete. Some companies have even started to emerge that specifically work to find advertising slots on internet television.

In fact, streaming services and subscription-based internet television is expected to grow by 15% annually for the next 5 years!

Internet television is rapidly becoming the norm, and big brands are noticing. That is why internet television promises to be the number 2 most impactful digital marketing method of 2016.

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1. Web Push Notifications

example push notifications Digital Marketing Strategies

Drum roll please… The biggest digital marketing trend & strategy for 2016 is web push notification marketing. This innovative marketing method works on a subscription basis, keeping people that visit your website informed about the latest trends, news, and content produced by the site.

With web push notifications users can subscribe to your website with one click. No need for forms, emails or any personal contact information. Then when you are ready you can blast a notification to all your subscribers which is delivered instantly to their desktop or mobile device, even if they aren’t on your website.

And these little notifications are POWERFUL. Average click through rates dwarf other remarketing methods such as email or ads – often reaching over 15% click through.

The simplicity and impressive conversion rate of this digital marketing method makes it an easy pick for the most impactful digital marketing technique for 2016.

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Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it. 5 of the top trends and strategies impacting digital marketing in 2016. What do you think? Did we miss one that should have trumped the others on the list?

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