10 Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Are you one of the many ecommerce brands that have made the smart decision to run your business via Shopify? While there are many ecommerce platforms to consider, Shopify is consistently one of the most used platforms, and with good reason. Currently, there are around 500,000 active stores on the platform, and in total they have driven 40 billion dollars in sales.

Impressive, right? It is. However, as competition continues to grow, it is only becoming harder to be successful. 500,000 is no small number, and that doesn’t take into account the numerous other ecommerce stores that are run via WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more. Brands today have to work harder to connect with their audience and drive sales.

Thankfully, Shopify has a robust app store with plenty of tools that will help boost sales in a variety of ways. From making checkout processes easier, to promoting discounts, running loyalty programs, handling customer service, and so much more, there is a lot you can do to make your Shopify store more profitable. You’ve got great products, and now it’s time to take your sales to the next level.

To help you get started, today we’ll be discussing 10 Shopify tools guaranteed to boost sales. While there are a lot more to choose from, these are the 10 that we really believe in and know will help your store improve. Best of all, you’ll find that these tools are affordable, with many offering free trials and various plan levels. Some are even free. Boost sales without having to spend a lot of (or any) additional money? Who can say no to that.

1. Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

There is no denying the power of Amazon. This year in the United States alone the marketplace is expected to generate nearly $230 billion in sales. Amazon has become the go-to place to search for just about any product. Find exactly what you need, order with one click, and have your package delivered in 2 days (or less). Yeah, it is easy to see why people love it.

Thankfully, you do not have to miss out on the opportunity to sell on Amazon. Codisto LINQ allows you to easily sell your products on various marketplaces including Amazon and eBay. By utilizing a tool like Codisto, you can easy get set up on these other platforms and ensure that things like your inventory and orders are updated across all platforms you decide to utilize.

You know your audience is shopping on Amazon, so why not offer your products there as well? It’s a great way to boost the exposure of your products as well as your sales.

Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 30-day free trial

2. Messenger Channel

Messenger Channel Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Another website you can’t deny the power of? Facebook. Facebook Messenger in particular is hard to compete with in terms of active users. Messenger currently boasts 1.3 billion users, with over 8 billion messages sent each month. It is hard to resist numbers such as those. Your audience is there- take advantage of that!

Messenger channel allows you to do just that. With this app you can add a button to your website that allows a user to message you via Messenger. Within Messenger you are then able to handle customer service related questions as well as sell your products. Seriously! People can browse your catalog of products and even make a purchase- all without ever having to leave the Messenger app.

Post-sale, you are also able to use Messenger to send your customers automated updates regarding their orders. Considering the popularity of live chat and chatbots, as well as the rise of what is known as ‘conversational commerce,’ this is a tool you do not want to overlook.

Price: Free

3. Sales Pop

Sales Pop Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Did you know that FOMO (or the Fear Of Missing Out) exists outside of your social circle? It certainly does- or it can anyways! People simply do not like feeling like they are missing out on something. This could be a social event, or a great item for sale at your ecommerce store.

Tackle ecommerce FOMO with a tool like Sales Pop. Once enabled, small notifications will appear at the bottom of your website alerting users of a latest purchase. This simple tactic can actually work wonders to boost sales. This doesn’t just increase FOMO, it also works as brilliant social proof, which you likely already know is incredibly helpful for ecommerce brands. Users don’t have to take your word for it that your products are great- they are seeing the proof that customers feel that way too.

While getting product reviews is certainly great, it can take a while to build up. What is great about Sales Pop is that it starts working immediately and without having to ask your customers to do anything. Make your existing sales work for you by having them inspire other users to make a purchase!

Price: Free

4. Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Gain insight to what your customers like with ease by creating a wishlist for your ecommerce site. Wishlist Plus is an awesome Shopify app that allows users to add items to a wishlist without having to sign into an account! This is an awesome way to gather valuable customer info, and is something that users love as well because they can start using it easily.

The result? Users can look at their wishlists and easily add any items to their cart or share their lists with friends or family. On your end, you can view how your items are performing and use this info to create personalized campaigns for users who have provided you with their email address.

We also love that this wishlist info is stored and smartly shared across devices. If a user starts looking at your site on their smartphone and then pulls up your site on their laptop, their wishlist will still be there and waiting for them. This is especially helpful if you have a large catalog of items. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope your users will remember which items of yours they loved. Instead, allow them to easily make a list that they can refer back to and share with other users. This benefits both the user and you- it’s a win win!

Price: There is a free introductory plan for up to 100 items as well as a free 14-day trial. After that, plans start at $9.99/month.

5. Smile.io

Smile.io Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

A great way to boost sales is to increase customer loyalty. Repeat customers on average spend 3-5 times more money than first time customers. It is in your best interest to turn your first time customers into lifelong customers, and a great way to do that is by starting a loyalty program. Don’t just thank a customer for shopping with you, reward them for it.

Smile.io will help you start your very own loyalty system. There is a lot involved in running a loyalty program, far too much to handle on your own. By using Smile.io you don’t have to worry about keeping track of customer orders and rewards points, you just have to sit back and benefit from the sales increase you’ll experience.

Smile.io allows you to customize your rewards program. You can choose to either run a loyalty program, referral program, VIP program, or a combination of multiple programs. Go as complex as you want, or keep things simple, rewarding points to users when they shop with you. Users can redeem points for a variety of rewards- such as money off of a future order or a free gift with purchase.

Price: A free plan is available for access to basic features, or pay $50/month for access to all features

6. Partial.ly Payment Plans

Partial.ly Payment Plans Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

If you sell expensive items, this next tool is for you. Partial.ly Payment Plans allows you to offer a convenient payment plan to your audience should they not want to pay the full price for your item right away. Best of all, you have full control over the terms of your payment plans, including what the payment frequency is, what the duration of the payment plan is, or how much a person must put down.

Price is always a major determining factor when deciding what to buy, and a high price tag can turn users away, even if they understand why the cost is high. A payment plan is the perfect solution to a high price tag, giving a user the confidence they need to make the purchase.

With this tool you can increase sales without having to worry about dealing with complicated billing cycles. Partial.ly will handle everything once you set up your preferred parameters.

Price: Free to install, then pay a 5% + $0.30 fee on each transaction

7. Socialphotos

Socialphotos Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Remember what we said about social proof? It is an awesome way to boost sales for your business, and a great way to do so is by harnessing the power of social media. Socialphotos allows you to make the most of your user-generated content by integrating it into your website and making it easy for users to shop the products featured in the photos.

If social media is a major part of your digital marketing strategy (and it probably definitely should be), this is a great way to further its impact. Not only does this content work as solid social proof, it also provides an incentive for your users to share your products via social media because you are choosing to share it at your website. Many social media users find the opportunity to have their photo featured on a brand’s website exciting- making them more likely to actually do so! As a result, you’ll have a nice steady stream of user-generated content that you can use at your website to boost sales.

Price: Plans start at $10/month with a 30-day free trial

8. Currency Converter Box

Currency Converter Box Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

One of the great advantages of running an ecommerce store is that you can sell your products to users all over the world. With that opportunity comes the reality of dealing with different currencies, which can be a pain both for you and your audience.

A tool like Currency Converter Box can make things easier all the way around by allowing a user to easily select their country and see the correct corresponding pricing. The app can also automatically locate a user and display the correct pricing without the user having to do anything, resulting in an even better user experience and increased chance they will make a purchase. Currency Converter Box currently includes 164 currencies, although you can also choose to select just a few if you only sell in certain countries around the world.

This app is a great simple solution to a problem that many ecommerce stores face. Increase sales and your user experience with the use of this great tool- what’s not to like?

Price: Free

9. Oxi Social Login

Oxi Social Login Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Simply put, the easier you make it for your audience to shop with you, the better. One pain point that can result in decreased sales is account creation. For many users, even the thought of creating yet another account at another website is annoying. Thankfully, you can make things easier on your customers by allowing them to login with accounts you know they already have.

Oxi Social Login in particular lets your audience use various social media accounts to login with your site- including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Amazon. By easily getting logged in they are more likely to follow through with their purchase. This is another simple fix to a common problem, and one that can have a pretty major impact.

If you check your analytics and see that a lot of your customers are abandoning your site at your account creation page, you know you’ve got a problem. Make it easier on them, and as a result, gain more sales for you. Sometimes it really is that simple!

Price: Plans start at $1.99/month with a 15-day free trial

10. Aimtell

Aimtell Shopify Tools Guaranteed to Boost Sales

Finally, a great way to boost sales is to re-engage your audience and drive them back to your website. Aimtell allows you to send web push notifications that deliver to your subscribers on both desktop and mobile devices, giving them an easy path back to your website.

Users become subscribers with just the click or tap of one button, and after that you can easily target them with a variety of campaigns. Ecommerce brands in particular have so many options when it comes to web push. Promote sales, send shipment alerts, notify about items back and stock, and so much more.

Suffering from high cart abandonment rates? Web push can also help with that. Retarget users who abandon their carts with an automated web push notification- it couldn’t be easier. Users who abandon their cart have an interest in your products and you are doing yourself a major disservice by not trying to secure their purchase. Reach out to them via web push to try and win them over. Include an incentive such as free shipping or a discount code to further encourage them to complete their purchase.

You may not be able to recover all of the carts you lost, but you can be sure to capture some. Even one recovered cart will result in a sales boost, and with web push, you can be sure to capture way more than just that.

Price: Plans start at $29/month with a 14-day free trial

Wrapping Up

As a Shopify store owner, you have a lot of excellent options available to you to help you boost your sales. From allowing users to login quicker and easier, to utilizing user-generated content, offering great customer support, allowing payment plans, re-engaging users once they leave your site, and a lot more, you’ve got so many great opportunities to boost your sales. By using a variety of tools that target a different aspect of your business, you are sure to get the results you are looking for.

What is your favorite Shopify app for boosting sales? Is it one on this list, or do you have another favorite? Let us know by sending us a message!

Is web push one of the tools you are looking to get started with? Get started for free with Aimtell, or learn more about web push by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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