5 Tips To Increase Web Push Notifications Click Through Rate

If you’ve read anything lately about web push notifications then you know that businesses are swiftly turning to this type of marketing in order to capture the attention of their users in a new way. After all, nearly 80% of all desktop web traffic and 50% of all mobile web traffic now supports web push. As a result, web push notifications are gaining a lot of momentum. However, as is true with any marketing method, if the notification isn’t inspiring users to click, it is largely considered unsuccessful.

If you are experiencing a low web push notification click through rate (CTR), or are just looking for areas to improve, check out these 5 tips. From improving your targeting, to utilizing custom icons, setting up triggered notifications, and more, here are the best ways to increase your push notification click-through rate.

1. Use custom push icons

One solid approach for increasing user engagement is by creating custom icons for your push notifications. Instead of using your logo as your image for all your notifications, consider creating a set of icons that can be used for various notifications.

sample custom icon Increase Web Push Notifications Click Through Rate

Design icons for events such as an order shipping, cart abandonment, a new sale, or new product launch. Visuals are key in every other marketing strategy; so don’t neglect your web push notifications just because the visuals are smaller. A custom visual mixed with well-written copy is sure to boost your CTR.

2. Target users based on page visits

Your website is comprised of multiple pages, all with unique information, and also, unique visitors. A great way to improve your CTR is to create segments based on your various pages.

If your run a blog, for example, you can create a blog segment that is targeted at individuals who have visited your blog in the past. Whenever you do anything blog related, such as posting a new article, a notification will be targeted at those users who are most likely to want to read it. As more people visit your site and view your blog, they will be added to this segment as well and will be notified in the future as you add more content. This is a great way to make sure people who have shown interest in your content are kept up to date on all the great new material you are posting.

3. Target users based on events

Similar to the previous tip, consider creating segments based on certain events, such as the purchasing of a particular product. By creating a segment composed of users who have all purchased a certain item, you can create targeted notifications regarding news about the item, related products, new features, and more.

For the average user, a notification about a particular item is not going to seem relevant, and you run the risk of it being ignored. Instead, by segmenting users and targeting only those individuals who have purchased the product (or perhaps those who have viewed the product in the past), you are much more likely to capture their attention and get them to click back to your site.

example laptop push notification, Increase Web Push Notifications Click Through Rate
In this example, you might consider sending out this notification to users who have viewed this item in the past. Their initial interest, combined with the sale price, is sure to inspire people to click, and hopefully, buy.


Targeting users based on their behaviors, such as the pages they visit or products they view and purchase, is a great way to boost your CTR.

Marketing today in all forms has largely become about personalization. Sending out a mass push notification that isn’t personalized or relevant is going to be much less successful than creating segmented campaigns targeting groups of people that have something in common.

4. Add geolocation factors

Another way to group people together for a segmented campaign is through geolocation factors.

For example, say you want to create a campaign alerting people of a one-day flash sale you have coming up. Instead of sending out one mass notification at one time, consider setting up a segmented campaign that takes into consideration the time zones of your users, ensuring everyone gets notified at 9 a.m. (for example). You may also target users based on their country. The 4th of July just passed, say you wanted to send out a notification wishing everyone a happy holiday. Segmenting your campaign to users located in the United States is probably a good idea on that one.

5. Create triggered notifications

While segmenting campaigns based on groups of people is a highly effective strategy, so is creating campaigns that will be directed at individual users.

These web push notifications, called triggered notifications, are sent as a response to a user’s individual action. For example, you can have a notification sent if a user abandons their cart for a specified amount of time. Or, send one immediately after their item has shipped, or after a user registers with your site. If you have a referral program, you can alert users when their friends use their referral code.

These alerts are all about the individual user, which again, is something that people look for today in marketing. Taking the time to set up these triggered notifications will not only boost your CTR, but also will establish a better relationship overall between your business and your customers.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a more tailored web push notification strategy that will elevate your click through rates.

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