5 Ways to Use Web Push Notifications in your Marketing Mix

Email, social media, SEO, ads, content marketing- there’s a lot of marketing avenues to consider in today’s digitally driven world. For the majority of brands, a combination of different platforms and strategies is what works best to drive results. And we couldn’t agree more.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and for that reason, creating a varied marketing strategy is almost always going to yield you better results. It probably goes without saying at this point, but we are big believers in web push notifications. However, that doesn’t mean that we think you should throw all your other marketing initiatives out the window. Just the opposite actually!

Instead, we think that incorporating web push into your marketing mix is a great way to amplify your marketing efforts. It can help you to better connect with your audience, boost engagement, and ultimately, drive sales.

Here are our top 5 ways to use web push notifications in your marketing mix. Whether you are creating a brand new marketing strategy, or are looking to update an existing one, this should help you understand how web push can fit in perfectly to help get you better marketing results.

1. Use For Reclaiming Abandoned Carts

This remains one of the best ways to utilize web push if you are an ecommerce company. If you decide to only do one thing with web push, this is what we would recommend. Abandoned carts are going to happen no matter how great your products are. While there is variation based on industry, the average abandoned cart rate hovers around 76%.

There are a variety of reasons why people don’t purchase right away. Some of the most common reasons include shoppers wanting to price compare at other websites, the cost of shipping, technical issues, or because they were simply just looking. Instead of letting nearly 80% of sales go, retarget those users and try to close the sale!

Web push is one of the best ways to retarget users in general, but especially when it comes to abandoned carts. Best of all, you can set this up as an automated campaign (which we will talk more about next), saving you valuable time. We recommend having this campaign send pretty soon after the user abandons the cart so that they don’t forget about you or go ahead and purchase from somewhere else.

Cost is a major factor for people when shopping, so consider throwing in a perk when retargeting your lost carts. This could be a code for free shipping or a percentage off the order- anything will help nudge them closer towards buying!

Pro tip: Here are some additional abandoned cart templates to consider.

2. Use to Automate Campaigns

There are plenty of aspects of marketing that simply take time. From creating new content, to engaging with your audience on social media, or keeping up with the latest trends in your industry, there are some things that simply can’t (or shouldn’t) be automated. Thankfully, there is plenty that can be! While web push isn’t the only marketing platform that has some great automation, it’s one of the best to get started with because of how easy (and effective) it is.

Like we mentioned earlier, your abandoned cart notifications can be completely automated. Additionally, you can set up other campaigns that will help you engage your audience without having to manually spend time doing so- that is best reserved for social media. The time you save by automating some of your marketing can instead be used in other areas that are deserving of your time.

Set up an automated welcome campaign to all of your new subscribers or set up a recurring campaign that will target users who haven’t visited your website in a certain amount of time. You can even set up a notification that is triggered based on when a subscriber clicks on another web push campaign of yours.

When it comes to automation with web push, you’ve got a lot of options. Here are 5 additional great ways you can automate your customer engagement via web push.

3. Use to Engage in Real Time

A top reason why web push is such a great addition to any marketing mix is because it will help you deliver messages and engage your audience in real time. With other marketing platforms like email or social media, you have to wait for your audience to come to you. When that does happen, your email may get lost in spam or deleted, or your social post swiped past without your audience noticing.

When you need your audience’s attention right away, web push is the perfect option. Advertising a flash sale? Breaking relevant industry news? Get seen by your audience right away! Not only can this help establish you as an industry expert, it also delivers a better experience for your audience. No one likes hearing about a sale right before it’s over (and when everything is already sold out).

For users who happen to be away from their phone or computer for an extended period of time, be sure to set an expiration for all of your time sensitive campaigns.

4. Use For Boosting Engagement

As with any marketing initiative, the goal is to drive your audience to your site to meaningfully engage. This might mean reading your content, purchasing a product, downloading a guide, or signing up for a service. Thankfully, web push can help you no matter what industry you are in and will help you boost engagement and traffic to your website.

Can users create an account at your website? Alert them of meaningful activity like a new message or new bill that needs attention. Get users shopping at your site by announcing a flash sale or that a new product has finally become available. If you run a referral or rewards program, alert users about their rewards or points and encourage them to shop before they expire.

Do you employ any gamification at your site? It’s a great way to boost engagement, and web push can boost that even further! Let users know they are close to accomplishing their latest goal or that they’ve earned a new badge.

5. Use to Compliment Existing Marketing Efforts

We meant it earlier when we said that you shouldn’t throw out your other marketing initiatives! Not only is web push great to add into the mix, it is a great platform that can help you boost your other marketing efforts. For example, if you use a landing page for lead generation, you could retarget users via web push to request that they finish filling out your form.

Looking to expand your social media presence? Send a web push campaign with your new social handle or branded hashtag. This can be especially powerful if you are running some type of giveaway or contest. Web push can help you spread the word and increase your social media audience.

Another great option that you have with web push is to harness the power of Zapier. Zapier is an awesome tool that lets you connect Aimtell with over 1,000 (that’s right!) other apps. This gives you a nearly endless list of options for integrating various marketing platforms that you use. We recommend heading to our Aimtell Zapier page for more information and suggestions for what you can do.

Wrapping Up

When building your marketing strategy, we hope that you will consider these ways to use web push notifications. Use them to compliment your other marketing efforts and platforms, boost engagement, recover lost carts, automate campaigns, and much more.

Are you already utilizing web push notifications? We want to hear about it! Let us know your favorite ways you use web push to connect with your audience.

If you are looking to get started with web push notifications, you can do so for free with Aimtell. Or, if you need more information, you can always check out our Beginner’s Guide.


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