New To Aimtell: AON Vertical-Based Revenue Attribution, Click To Call & New Geographic Reporting

The latest Aimtell platform update provides additional reporting information to help you better understand how your web push notifications are performing (including those sent via our Aimtell Offer Network) and gives you the ability to trigger a phone call right from your web push notification. These new features should help you continue to make incremental improvements over time as you better understand how your pushes are performing. Our new click to call feature is also an excellent opportunity to generate more phone calls in a way that is convenient for your subscribers.

Aimtell Offer Network (AON) Vertical-Based Revenue Attribution

AON provides you with an easy way to drive advertising revenue from your web push subscribers. This latest feature provides additional details to your revenue reporting by tracking results by vertical. This gives you an easy way to see how your AON pushes are performing with your audience. See which verticals are performing best and download your results for easy sharing. To view these insights, head to the Overview section of the dashboard. Once you select ‘Revenue’ as your View from the drop-down menu, you can then select ‘Vertical Insights’ from the Options drop-down menu.

Push Click To Call

It is now easier than ever for subscribers to call you with our click to call functionality! If phone calls are an integral part of your customer service experience, this feature helps make it easier for your subscribers to get in touch with you. This feature works for both manual and triggered campaigns, so consider utilizing both to provide your audience with an enhanced omnichannel experience.

For example, if a subscriber fills out a form on your website, this could trigger a push notification alerting the subscriber that they can also call you with any questions they might have. Or, a triggered push could deploy after a subscriber abandons their cart offering to answer any questions they might have before making a purchase.

Check out our simple documentation for the steps needed to set up a campaign that will trigger a phone call.

Geographic Reporting

While segmenting your subscribers based on their location has long been an Aimtell feature, it is now easier than ever to understand how your pushes are performing based on location. On the Overview tab of our dashboard you will now find a new ‘Country’ field that allows you to break down results geographically. From the drop-down menu you can select ‘USA,’ ‘International’ or select a specific country. You can filter the following results by country:

  • All Subscribers
  • New Subscribers
  • Notifications Sent
  • Notifications Clicked
  • Revenue

You can also click on the ‘Options’ dropdown and select ‘Country Insights’ to view a breakdown of results across all countries in the date range you input. This will provide you with results across all countries and across all of your added websites.

Wrapping Up

These features are live on the dashboard, so we recommend taking a look and seeing how your web push notifications are performing in different countries, and for AON, across different verticals. If you have not started using AON yet, you can read more about it or enable it right away from your dashboard! If you want to connect with more of your subscribers via phone, definitely try out our click to call feature.

If you are new to Aimtell, you can start a free 14-day trial today to start taking advantage of all that our platform has to offer. Be sure to check out our blog or guides collection for helpful resources on using web push notifications.

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