How Rhone Apparel Drove $93,000 in Sales Using Web Push Notifications

This isn’t the first time you’re hearing us tell you how great web push is for generating sales, and it certainly won’t be the last. Not sorry! Web push is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes to utilize in order to boost sales.

Best of all, our convenient conversion tracking makes it easy for you to monitor your campaigns. Instead of just seeing how many people saw your notification, or even how many people clicked it, you can see how many people followed through and made a purchase at your site.

Don’t just take our word for it though- let’s see it in practice. How does it sound to generate an additional $93,000 in sales? Pretty great, right? That is exactly what Rhone Apparel did. Let’s see how they did it.

Rhone Apparel

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
Rhone specializes in men’s activewear


Rhone Apparel is an American startup that designs men’s activewear. To help boost their ecommerce sales, they made the decision to implement web push notifications. Through a series of smartly segmented campaigns focused on advertising sales and showcasing new products, and triggered notifications targeting abandoned carts and alerting users of the status of their orders, they have been able to generate an impressive $93,000 in sales.

By enabling conversion tracking on their campaigns, Rhone was easily able to see how their campaigns were performing. All they had to do was turn tracking on for each campaign and specify that any item sold counts as a conversion. It really is that easy!

Looking to replicate this success with your own brand? We don’t blame you. Let’s break down some of Rhone Apparel’s best web push campaigns and strategies.


There are two main components to a successful web push campaign: the notification itself, and the audience who receives it. How do you send your notifications to the right audience? You segment them.

Rhone created several segments based on user actions at their site. Some main groups they created were users who had made any type of purchase at their site, those who had spent more than $100, and those who hadn’t visited their site in over 7 days. These are 3 distinct groups of people, and as a result, are in need of distinct campaigns to help motivate them.

Building smart segments is one of the best things Rhone did to help ensure the success of their campaigns. Speaking of campaigns, let’s see some!

Sale Alerts

Another main reason why Rhone Apparel is so successful (besides great products, of course) is that they are very smart about the actual web push campaigns they send. And what is it that ecommerce shoppers are looking for? Great value. In fact- when American shoppers were asked what was most important to them when deciding where to buy they listed price, shipping cost and speed, and discount offers as the most important factors.

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
Advertising an exclusive sale was very effective for Rhone


Take this sale notification for example. The headline draws people in, making the subscribers feel like insiders getting access to an exclusive sale. Alerting users of the sale itself (save up to 70%) also helps encourage users to click. The result? An excellent click through rate and an impressive boost in their sales.

Black Friday

Black Friday remains one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and ecommerce sales in particular continue to see a massive increase year to year. 2017 Black Friday reported a record breaking $5.03 billion in sales. Web push is one of the best ways to alert users in real time of your Black Friday sales.

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
Rhone started their Black Friday sale early and made sure to alert their subscribers


There is a lot of competition in ecommerce, especially during major sale days like Black Friday. Rhone Apparel’s push campaign benefits them in two ways- not only are they advertising their sale, they are also reminding their subscribers to shop with them. Shoppers have a lot of options to consider, and sometimes half of the battle is simply to get a shopper’s attention. Good thing web push has great visibility compared to other platforms!

Rhone’s Black Friday sale was a major success, and part of that is a result of their push campaign, which gave them a nice boost in their sales and traffic to their site. Best of all, it didn’t require a lot of work. Web push is intentionally easy to set up so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that matter most to you.

Flash Sale

Flash sales remain a popular way to boost ecommerce sales, but only if they are done properly. If no one knows about your sale, you aren’t going to have much success. Because of the condensed time frame of flash sales, getting your message out quickly is crucial for success.

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
Alerting users the sale is only one day creates a sense of urgency


In this example, Rhone held a quick one day sale celebrating Lime Day. Remember what we said earlier about what shoppers want? Discount offers and shipping cost and speed are two of the most requested features. This sale nails both by providing a discount code and free fast shipping. That is a certain recipe success, and as a result this notification had a great click through rate and resulted in a major bump in sales.
*Pro tip: When advertising sales that have a clear start and end, consider adding a custom expiration time to your notification to match the end of your sale.

New Product Announcements

Another main way Rhone achieved success with web push was by announcing new products. Letting your subscribers know that you’ve got exciting new products is a great way to drive traffic to your website and generate additional sales.

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
New products are great to highlight in web push notifications


When you have something exciting and new- you need to tell people about it! ‘Build it and they will come’ is not realistic when it comes to ecommerce. Instead, craft campaigns that tell people about your latest updates and encourage them to click through to your site. The above example showcases Rhone’s new Hitch Vest- labeled as the ‘perfect urban outerwear vest.’ The intriguing copy certainly paid off, as this notification alone had an impressive click through rate of 7.4%.

Rhone Apparel Web Push Notifications
Don’t settle for second place- the copy here inspires users to click and learn more


Similarly, Rhone released their new Swift Air shorts and sent out a push campaign to increase awareness. Keeping in mind their target demographic, and furthermore selecting the appropriate segments, allowed their copy to shine and resulted in a great CTR and boost in traffic to their website.

Triggered Notifications

A great feature of web push notifications is the ability to send triggered notifications, which are sent to an individual based on certain actions they take at your website. Rhone took advantage of these notifications which alone have helped generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

Cart Abandonment

One of their most successful triggered campaigns is their abandoned cart campaign. These campaigns automatically send if a subscriber places items in their cart but leaves before converting. Best of all, the notification will still trigger even if the customer doesn’t provide their email address.

And did we mention it’s automatic? That’s right. Once you set up this campaign, it will send to anyone going forward that completes the required action (in this case, leaving before converting).

Item Shipped

Another triggered campaign that has proven a major success for Rhone is their item shipped notification. Same logic here- once the given action is completed (a subscriber’s item has shipped out), the notification is automatically sent. While this type of notification may not directly help boost sales, it is doing a ton in terms of boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty, a key ingredient for long term success.

Not all campaigns that you send have to be focused on selling (and in fact, shouldn’t always focus on selling). This campaign is a great example of that, and is one of many ways that Rhone keeps their customers happy.

Your Turn

Are you an ecommerce brand looking for the right solution for boosting sales? Hopefully you’ve seen the value there is in web push notifications. By advertising your brand in the right way and alerting your subscribers of things they care about, such as new products or upcoming sales, you are sure to see an increase in conversions, just as was the case with Rhone Apparel.
All of our plans start with a 14 day trial, so there is no risk involved in getting started. If you have any questions, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide, leave a comment below, or reach out to us directly!

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