5 Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications for Re-Engagement

Is there anything more frustrating that having a potential customer land at your website, only to have them leave and never return? It definitely tops most marketers’ lists. While it is inevitable that not all of your visitors are going to convert the first time they hit your website (in fact, that number is as high as 92%), that isn’t the end of the conversation- or it shouldn’t be. Instead, you have options for retargeting or re-engaging them.

Re-engaging your customers is one of the best ways to move them down your sales funnel. By landing at your website they have shown an initial interest in your brand, and at that point it is up to you to ensure they keep that interest.

You’ve got several options when it comes to re-engaging your audience, but one stands out in the crowd as one of your best options. Web push notifications are perfect for re-engaging your audience, and today we’re going to share why. Here are 5 reasons to use web push notifications for re-engagement.

1. Their Visibility

mobile web push Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications for Re-Engagement

One of the best reasons to stick with web push when it comes to re-engaging your audience is its visibility. Your web push messages deliver instantly to a user’s desktop or mobile device instead of getting buried in a crowded inbox or social media feed. Think of it this way- when is the last time you ignored a push notification you got? You probably pay it far more attention in comparison to the tons of social media posts and ads you scroll past mindlessly or email messages you quickly tap through and delete.

Being seen is the first hurdle marketers have to get over. If your message isn’t seen, it doesn’t matter how great the copy is or how perfectly precise your targeting is. Web push helps ensure your message gets seen with far better results in comparison to email, social media, or even PPC ads.

2. More Clicks

If the first hurdle is getting people to see your message, the next hurdle for marketers is getting people to click on your message. Thankfully, web push notifications boast some of the best click through rate percentages.

CTR Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications for Re-Engagement
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Average rates will vary based on industry (as you can see above) but regardless, the numbers are still far better compared to email click through rates. While email once ruled, it has lost a lot of its initial effectiveness. Research by MailChimp, a leading email marketing platform, lists the average email click through rate as 2.43%, with the highest reported average CTR being 4.78% in the ‘hobbies’ industry. Doesn’t take long to see how much better web push is when it comes to click throughs.

Pro Tip: If you personally are struggling to get your CTR up, check out our guide on what you can do to improve.

3. Easier Than Email

Still not convinced that web push is better than email marketing? How about comparing their ease of use? While email tools like MailChimp have certainly made it easier over the years to craft email campaigns, it is still a more difficult process in comparison to crafting a web push campaign.

web push Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications for Re-Engagement
Easily set up a web push campaign like this in a matter of minutes.


With email, you have to figure out your subject line, body copy, images, and so much more. You also have to make sure that your messages are mobile responsive. It can take quite some time to develop even a straight forward email campaign and possibly involve using some custom code to get things to look and act just right.

With web push, you can set up a campaign in a matter of minutes. Our easy to use dashboard is user friendly and our campaign builders are intuitive and don’t require you to have any specialized coding knowledge.

From a user perspective, web push is also far easier to sign up for. A user doesn’t have to give out any personal information; all they have to do is click one button and they are in. With email, they have to fill out a form and provide minimally their name and email (and possibly more info). They then have to find a confirmation email in their inbox (hope it doesn’t end up in spam!), open it, and click to confirm their subscription. One click or tap is certainly more convenient than all of that.

4. Tackle Abandoned Carts

One of the best re-engagement campaigns a marketer can run is a cart abandonment campaign. After all, the abandoned cart rate average is still around 70%. Trying to reclaim at least some of those carts is a no-brainer. How to best go about that is a bit trickier, but web push wins out again as one of your best options.

abandoned cart Reasons to Use Web Push Notifications for Re-Engagement

With web push, you can easily automate your abandoned cart campaigns. Combined with other reasons we already discussed like their visibility, high click through rates, and ease of use, it makes sense for web push to be your go-to strategy to re-engage your subscribers and get them to complete their purchases.

Make use of action buttons and include a discount code to really help boost your click through and conversion rates. You can also enable conversion tracking in order to see just how well your campaign is performing.

5. Cost Savings

Finally, if nothing else will convince you, this should. Web push is one of the most cost-effective strategies for re-engaging your audience. For a low monthly price you can send an unlimited number of notifications to your audience. Email marketing platforms tend to be more expensive, and other avenues like PPC ads can get expensive really quickly depending on your cost per click. With web push, there are no surprises when it comes to cost.

Achieving the best possible ROI is a must for most marketers, and web push presents one of the best ways to save money without sacrificing results. You will have at your fingertips plenty of tools for creating campaigns, setting up custom segments, running A/B tests, and more, all without having to pay a premium. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Wrapping Up

You have no excuse in today’s digital age to not capture your website visitors and re-engage them with meaningful content. While you have several options, hopefully these reasons to use web push notifications for re-engagement have helped convince you to have web push be your re-engaging method of choice. From their visibility, to their ease of use, affordability, and most importantly, their effectiveness, why would you want to use anything else?

Have you already started using web push for re-engaging your audience? What have you found has worked best for you? Let us know by sending us a message!

If you haven’t started yet but are looking to give it try, you can get started for free with Aimtell, or you can learn more about web push by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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