Aimtell Recognized as One of the Fastest Performing Solutions in the 2020 Ecommerce 3rd Party Technology Index

We are proud to share that Aimtell has been recognized in YOTTAA’s 2020 Ecommerce 3rd Party Technology Index as a 3rd party technology that has minimal negative performance impact on ecommerce sites.

The report, conducted by YOTTAA, indicates which 3rd parties have little or no performance impact, inconsistent negative performance impact, or a consistently negative impact on site performance. The data in this report was collected from over 1,500 ecommerce sites using YOTTAA’s ecommerce acceleration solutions.

Aimtell was named one of the fastest performing 3rd parties in the Notification Tech ecommerce category. Download the full report for more details.

performance leader 2020 Ecommerce 3rd Party Technology Index

For this research report, now in its third year, YOTTAA analyzed 500 3rd party technologies from niche tools to some of the most widely used solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including Ad Tech, Analytics, Payment Processing, and Social Media.

The data in this report was collected through YOTTAA’s 3rd Party Knowledge Base, a comprehensive repository of 3rd party data that grows with every page view. Through this knowledge base, YOTTAA has visibility into performance information and usage from almost 1,000 3rd parties used by its customers.

This report focuses on the performance of the top 500 most widely adopted 3rd parties. The index is designed to help ecommerce brands understand the impact 3rd parties can have on website performance. It also provides a starting point for researching individual 3rd parties for adding new capabilities to a website.

Aimtell’s Impact on Speed

For those of you already using Aimtell, you are likely already aware that Aimtell does not decrease your website’s speed. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to provide a full web push notification solution that will not negatively impact your site speed. A slow site speed can impact everything from your SEO ranking, to your user experience, conversion rate, and more.

Should you make the decision to get started with web push notifications, you can rest assured that Aimtell will not slow down your site at all. If you are looking to get started, you can start today for free with Aimtell, or you can learn more by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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