5 SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need a little help when it comes to your digital marketing. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you don’t handle everything on your own. Who has time to handle everything from content marketing, to digital ads, social media, retargeting, and more?

Even if you have a designated marketing team, there is a lot that you can gain from getting started with various SaaS marketing automation tools. These tools will help you craft better content, show better ads, retarget your audience, and a lot more. The results? More sales, and more engagement!

To help surge in front of your competition, check out these 5 SaaS marketing automations that boost sales and engagement. You won’t be disappointed!

1. RelayThat

RelayThat SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

It shouldn’t be news to you that visual content is some of the most important when it comes to your digital marketing efforts. In fact, over 30% of marketers agree that visuals are the most important form of content used for their business. More importantly, 70% of marketers say that their best performing content includes visual assets.

If you aren’t a graphic designer, you might feel like you either have to spend a lot of money to hire one, or settle for less than stellar visual content that you put together yourself. You would be wrong! An excellent option to consider is RelayThat, a SaaS tool that will help you quickly put together a bunch of visual content based on things like your brand assets, colors, and even keywords.

Consistency is key when it comes to nailing your branding, and even subtle changes to things like colors or fonts can make your brand come across as amateur. A tool like RelayThat will handle everything for you, including resizing images for various social platforms and ad sizes.

This is a great SaaS tool that will save you so much time and help you create stunning visuals that will convert better and help you really engage your audience.

2. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

Content might be king in the marketing world, but that is when it is done well. And what does ‘done well’ mean? It has to work! You may publish blog posts every week, for example, but if no one reads them, or takes action from them to say sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social media, or most importantly, purchase your products, what’s the point?

A lot of marketers miss the mark when it comes to content. Are you guilty of creating blog posts that are a bit too salesy? If so, know that over 70% of customers report being turned off by content that feels like an extended sales pitch.

So, how do you know if your content is missing the mark? More importantly, what do you do about it? Use a tool like Atomic Reach! This SaaS tool uses AI to analyze both your content and your customer data to understand what your audience wants, and if your content is giving it to them. If not? Atomic Reach will optimize your content, adding various phrases that will help encourage your readers to stay engaged with your content, and hopefully, convert.

Best of all, we love that Atomic Reach doesn’t just work with blog posts, it works with several other types of important copy that your brand is likely utilizing- including product descriptions, search ads, and marketing emails.

If you are looking to improve your overall content marketing efforts, you need to give a tool like Atomic Reach a try. Nobody has perfect content that results in a 100% conversion rate, meaning you have nowhere to go but up!


SIGSTR SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

Despite losing effectiveness over the years, email marketing is still a powerful way to engage your audience. You can especially expect some great results from your email if you utilize personalization, which 57% of marketers agree is the type of email that performs best.

One great way to personalize your email in an unexpected way is to optimize and make the most out of your email signature! SIGSTR is a really cool SaaS tool that focuses specifically on the potential of the email signature, basically declaring it as its own ad placement zone.

SIGSTR makes smart use of segmentation and targeting, allowing you to show different signatures to different customers based on their interaction with your company and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Their tracking and analytics tools also help you monitor how your signatures are performing, allowing you to either make changes if necessary or prove their effectiveness and ROI quickly and easily.

If you do still engage in email marketing, why not consider utilizing SIGSTR to optimize your email signature in order to further engage your audience and get them to return to your website and eventually become a customer.

4. SocialOomph
SocialOomph SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

Of course, what marketing list would be complete without including some type of social media tool? After all, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways these days to engage your audience and boost sales. In fact, customers list social networks as the top place that they look to for purchase inspiration.

The reality when it comes to social media is that it takes a lot of time. The more channels you are active on, the more time it takes to queue up posts, publish them, and engage in social listening. Thankfully, SocialOomph is a great SaaS tool that will help with automating a lot of your social media posts!

In addition to traditional scheduling (you draft a post and decide when it should publish), we like that SocialOomph also allows you to create what they call post queues that ensure your social platforms always have content going out based on the posts in your queue. This is a great way to re-share old content and extend its social life. They also have a seasonal window which is great if you have specific posts that should only be shared certain times of year (say a post on how to increase your Black Friday sales).

Save tons of time when it comes to social media marketing by using a tool like SocialOomph to help automate and schedule your posts in advance so that you can spend more time on social listening (and engaging) to further improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

5. Aimtell

Aimtell SaaS Marketing Automations That Boost Sales and Engagement

Finally, web push notifications are an excellent way to directly engage your audience in order to boost sales and engagement. Thankfully, there are also tons of automation opportunities that make this easier than ever.

In addition to various triggered campaigns you can set up based on actions at your website, you can also create a welcome drip campaign that will help engage your subscribers right from the moment they opt in to your push notifications. This is a great way to automate a series of notifications that can slowly push your subscriber along towards making a conversion at your website.

Web push is such a great platform to consider, seeing as it delivers to both desktop and mobile devices, regardless of whether a user is at your website or even using a browser. While social media and email are two other awesome ways to engage, messages can easily get lost as a result of how popular and crowded those platforms are. Break through the noise by utilizing web push and ensure that your message gets seen.

With so many automation and segmentation opportunities, web push is a must-try tool. With Aimtell, you can easily install our Shopify or WordPress plugin and get started in as little as 5 minutes. If you don’t run on either Shopify or WordPress, you can install our JavaScript tracking code.

Wrapping Up

These great SaaS marketing automations that boost sales and engagement will help you achieve your marketing goals- and all without having to spend a fortune! Who wants to argue with that? Get help creating better display ads and social media images, optimize your content, make the most of your email marketing efforts, automate your social media posting, and of course, engage your subscribers via web push with automated drip campaigns and more. All that you have to decide is which you want to start using first!

What do you struggle with the most that one of these SaaS tools could help you with? Is it your social media, your blog, or maybe your retargeting efforts? Let us know by sending a message!

Are you looking to incorporate web push into your overall marketing strategy? Get started for free with Aimtell, or learn more about web push by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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