Automate Your RSS Feed With Web Push Notifications

Let’s face it. Life is demanding.

Between work, family, friends, errands and the thousands of things on our to do list it can be tough to stay on top of everything. Unfortunately, sometimes that means some of your marketing efforts fall to the wayside.

Well, we feel your struggle.

And we want to help.

That’s why we are excited to announce our newest feature: RSS Feed Notifications.

RSS Feed Automation with Web Push

With RSS Notifications, you can now automatically send out website push notifications to your subscribers based on your favorite RSS Feeds.

Adding this integration makes it easier for you to keep your subscribers up to date on your latest blogs, promos or announcements without the hassle of scheduling a new campaign every time.

Looking for some great use cases?

Here are just a few wonderful things you can do with our new RSS Feed Notifications integration:

  • Automatically notify your website visitors about a new blog post
  • Automatically share new pinterest posts with your push subscribers
  • Automatically share new YouTube videos with your push subscribers

Of course, with the power of Aimtell’s segmentation you can schedule any RSS notification against a custom segment.

That’s were things get really fun.

Perhaps you only want to send new blog post updates to individuals who have viewed a blog post previously on your site.

Or maybe only share YouTube videos with someone who’s viewed a video.

Heck, you could even create have your RSS campaigns automatically go out only to subscribers who have been to your blog, haven’t been to your website in the past 10 days, live in California, but not San Diego and saw your site on their Android.

The options are endless and truly only limited by your creativity.

We can’t wait to hear and see how you use this awesome new feature!

Learn with our step-by-step documentation guide:

Ready to get started? Get started with web push notifications with Aimtell for free!


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