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Drive visitors back to your blog, personal or e-commerce site with targeted website push notifications.

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5 Minute Setup

Getting set up takes only a few minutes. Install our lightweight tracking code with just a few lines of javascript or install our Wordpress or Shopify plugin and get set up with just a few clicks!

After you’ve installed Aimtell your visitors will automatically receive a prompt to subscribe to your site. With just one click they turn into a subscriber - no need to ask for email or loading invasive popups! You can even add custom opt-in prompts to encourage visitors to subscribe.

Supported On :

chrome push notification
Chrome (desktop and mobile)
safari push notification
Safari (desktop)
firefox push notification
FireFox (desktop)
opera push notification
Opera (mobile)

Find Your Perfect Audience

Group your subscribers into custom segments, enabling you to send your message to exactly the right audience. Mix, match and combine any combination of recorded actions.

Automatically recorded actions include: pageviews, last visit date, geolocation, device type, items added to cart (Shopify), items purchased (Shopify) and more. You can also record custom events or attributes using our javascript api.

There is no limit to the number of customized segments you can create and new subscribers are automatically inserted into their appropriate segments - ready at a moments notice to receive notifications from you!

Schedule or Automate

Once you have segmented and selected your ideal target audience you can prepare your web push notifications to send. These notifications are bite size snippets of information, accompanied by your custom site icon, and link.

Inform your subscribers about a sale, a new blog post or even notify users who have abandoned their shopping carts about a deal to secure the sale. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send at one time.

Campaigns can be set to automatically go out at a specified time, set to repeat or even go out after specific events are triggered (such as abandoning a cart or updates to an RSS feed) .

Notifications Delivered At Any Scale

When time comes your notifications are instantly delivered to all of your subscribers on desktop or their mobile devices which - when clicked - drive them back to your website.

Subscribers don’t have to be on your website and in many cases can even have their browser closed!

Integrated directly with GCM (Chrome push notifications) and APNS (Safari push notifications) and built on top of Amazon's highly scalable servers to handle requests - we handle the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on marketing.

Want even more control? Add your own GCM project keys or take advantage of our robust REST API for tracking, managing and sending web push notifications. With detailed documentation, sample calls and a web-based API explorer, you can integrate your platform with web push notifications quicker than you've ever imagined.

Unleash Powerful, Advanced Features

aimtell integration
Event Based Notifications
aimtell integration
RSS Feed Notifications
aimtell integration
Automated/Repeating Notifications
aimtell integration
Dynamic Notifications
aimtell integration
Zapier Integration
aimtell integration
Rest & Javascript API
aimtell integration
Unlimited Sites
aimtell integration
Conversion Tracking
aimtell integration
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We work with every type of business, in every size

Highly recommended. Without a doubt the best push notification provider we've tried. Their segmentation and automation features are incredible. Being able to automatically send notifications to abandoned carts is fantastic.
Meghan Lewis
These guys hands down cornered the market and have my business for life. To make something so robust and powerful to where you can send notifications to people while NOT at your website and NOT in an email. Done. Support at 12:35am...check. Yeah this has GOT TO be my favorite app hands down.
Jai Haze
We selected Aimtell after looking at several push notification platforms. Their platform is very reliable and easy to use. They have helped us quickly grow push notification into one of our top performing marketing channels, simply by increasing retention at negligible cost. Their customer service is also incredibly available and resourceful.
Nick Hoang
Aimtell is the right tool to manage push notifications: easy to use, intuitive dashboard, powerful audience segmentation features love them! Most powerful addition to our Online Marketing toolbox since remarketing.
Alexey Chesnok