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We selected Aimtell after looking at several push notification platforms. Their platform is very reliable and easy to use. They have helped us quickly grow push notification into one of our top performing marketing channels, simply by increasing retention at negligible cost. Their customer service is also incredibly available and resourceful. Nick Hoang,
Highly recommended. Without a doubt the best push notification provider we've tried. Their segmentation and automation features are incredible. Being able to automatically send notifications to abandoned carts is fantastic. Meghan Lewis,
Aimtell is the right tool to manage push notifications: easy to use, intuitive dashboard, powerful audience segmentation features love them! Most powerful addition to our Online Marketing toolbox since remarketing. Alexey Chesnok,
These guys hands down cornered the market and have my business for life. To make something so robust and powerful to where you can send notifications to people while NOT at your website and NOT in an email. Done. Support at 12:35am...check. Yeah this has GOT TO be my favorite app hands down. Jai Haze,
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