Emoji Support For Push Notifications

Exciting news, Aimtell users! We’re happy to announce that there is now full emoji support for all web push notifications. Over the past few years emojis have become an increasingly prominent way that we all communicate, and now you can bring that into your web push campaigns as well.

We think you’ll find how useful (and let’s be honest, fun) this emoji update will be when you get started. Push notifications are meant to be short and sweet, and now with a little emoji help, you can make your messages even more concise.

How frequently you use emojis is up to you. You likely already use them in some of your other marketing efforts, and with this update we are glad to be able to bring consistency to your marketing plans by bringing support to our platform.

If you aren’t quite convinced on the power that emojis have, keep in mind that 92% of people online are using them. And as for their reasons for using them? It varies, of course, but a main reason is to help convey how they are feeling or what they are thinking. Keep this in mind as you build your campaigns and how you can best use emojis to evoke a certain emotion or feeling.

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There is a lot of room for creativity here, and we are excited to see how you decide to use emojis to help better your campaigns. This update is available now and is supported on all browsers that we work with.

Do you have any ideas for additional features you want to see? As always, please let us know by emailing us or leaving a comment below!

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