Chrome 63 Update: Web Push Opt-Ins Go Modal

In an effort to keep all of our Aimtell users in the loop, we’ve got some web push related news to share with you. Google Chrome, the popular web browser, is releasing another update that will impact some of your web push subscribers. With the release of Google Chrome 63, users on mobile devices (Android only) will now see your opt-in prompt as a full modal pop up. Previously, these prompts displayed at the bottom of the screen with an easy option to dismiss them.

The Update

Chrome 63
The new appearance of opt-in prompts compared to the old format


This may seem like a small change, but in reality this update is a major improvement that will likely result in you seeing a nice little boost in subscribers. The old format made it much easier for users to ignore, and in fact Chrome is saying that users ignored or dismissed these prompts over 90% of the time.

The new modal pop up will encourage users to make a decision. Once a user decides if they want to allow or block your notifications, they will no longer be pestered with the pop up at all, helping ensure you are not annoying a user who regularly visits your website. Previously, a user could ignore or dismiss the prompt, leading it to display the next time they visited your website. The release of Chrome 59 addressed this problem by temporarily blocking permissions requests once a user dismissed them 3 times. This time around, Chrome is going even further to help increase the number of opt-ins and improve overall user experience.

This update results in a 50% reduction in the overall number of prompts being displayed. In even better news, the update also makes users 5 times more likely to make the decision to either block or allow your push notifications.

Keep in mind you also have the ability to control your opt-in prompt logic from the subscriber prompt management section of your Aimtell dashboard. With this, you can control when your opt-in prompt will show. You can also decide if you want to show the default prompt or a custom one. You can learn more about this by reading our documentation here.


Wrapping Up

Google Chrome constantly reviews user activity and updates their logic accordingly in order to provide a better user experience. With this latest update, both businesses and users will enjoy the changes to the platform. Be sure to monitor your analytics and see if this update results in an uptick in your subscribers.

The release of Chrome 63 should come early next month.

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