New Feature: Large Image Support

Exciting news, Aimtell users. We’ve got a great new feature going live today: large image support! In addition to your notification icon you are now able to send web push notifications with large images also. With visual content dominating the Internet in terms of engagement, we are excited for you to start using this feature and seeing how it impacts your click through and conversion rates.

web push notifications with large images

Large images will display below your text. The icon, title, body, and your website URL will still all display the same as you are used to, and notifications will still direct back to the link of your choosing when clicked or tapped.

For now, this feature is only available to those using Google Chrome, but the feature is available for both desktop and mobile devices (Android only).

web push notifications with large images

You can use this feature when creating manual and triggered notifications, as well as API notification calls. You’ll notice when you head to your dashboard and create a campaign there is a place for choosing your image. Simply upload the image you want and you are good to go.

web push notifications with large images

You can still preview the notification just like always. If you do not want to use a large image for a certain campaign, you can do that too. Simply don’t upload an image in the ‘Image’ section and the notification will display just as it used to.

We hope you are just as excited about this update as we are. This gives you a lot more flexibility and options when it comes to designing engaging campaigns that inspire users to click.

Large image support is available now. If you want to start using Aimtell, click here.

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