New To Aimtell For 2024: Global Campaigns, Shared Segments, Enhanced Reporting & More

We are excited to announce several new updates to the Aimtell platform that will enhance your web push notification capabilities. These new features are tailored to make your campaigns more efficient, broaden your reach and increase conversions, including the long-awaited iOS support. Here’s what’s new:

Global Campaigns & Segments

Managing multiple websites just got significantly easier with global campaigns and segments. This extremely powerful feature allows you to create campaigns and segments globally, meaning they will show up across any or all websites you have added to your Aimtell account. For example, this feature can enable you to create and manage one campaign to send to 100 sites. This unprecedented capability is sure to enhance your web push notification efforts, allowing for unmatched scalability and efficiency with your push strategy.

To share a segment, manual or triggered campaign, select the desired element, click the ‘Options’ drop-down menu and select ‘Share Segment’ or ‘Share Campaign.’

Global Campaigns

You can select some or all of your websites. Previously shared sites will be grayed out. Press ‘Save,’ and this element will immediately appear across all sites you selected to share.

It’s also easy to review the analytics of your shared segments! Select ‘View More’ next to the global segment you wish to analyze. Here, you can toggle between results from the current site or all sites it is shared across.

Enhanced A/B Test Functionality

AB Testing

A/B testing is more robust than ever, with added functionality for triggered and manual campaigns. Brand new is our triggered campaign A/B test functionality, allowing you to experiment with your triggered campaign content to optimize performance. For example, you can now create an A/B test on an abandoned cart campaign, allowing you to test two different messages to see which converts better. This is an excellent way to optimize your triggered campaigns and improve conversion rates.

A/B testing has been around for a while now for manual campaigns, but you can now test your send times in addition to the message content, giving you more control over your messaging and outreach. Use this feature to see if timing, not just message content, impacts your web push notification effectiveness.

Toggle on ‘enable A/B testing’ for any manual or triggered campaign to get started!

Geographic Breakdown Reporting

New geographic data reporting allows you to dive deeper into your campaign performance and subscriber location. This is especially valuable if you know you have an international audience and want insights into how your campaigns are performing globally.

Geo Stats

On the Analytics Overview tab of your dashboard, you’ll see the new ‘Country’ filter for viewing your results. You can view results across all countries, specifically USA or International, or select an individual country.

You can also review and export country insights for a selected view. For example, say you want to see how many subscribers you gained yesterday and where these subscribers are located. Set your view to ‘New Subscribers’ and the date to yesterday, and hit ‘Update.’ Then, from the ‘Options’ drop-down menu, select ‘Country Insights’ to see a full list of your new subscribers and the country breakdown information. Select ‘Download Results’ to export and share with other members of your team easily.

Triggered Campaign Drips

Another great new feature that can help you boost campaign performance is our comma-separated triggered campaigns. This new functionality lets you set multiple time-delayed campaign triggers in minutes, hours or days.

Time Delayed Triggered Campaigns

For example, instead of setting up a single abandoned cart campaign to send 5 minutes after a subscriber abandons their cart, you could set up multiple notifications to send at delays of 5 minutes, 25 minutes and 2 hours (as seen in the example above). This is a great way to boost conversion rates from your triggered campaigns. Remember, should a subscriber convert from one of the notifications, our ‘expire on conversion‘ feature ensures they won’t receive further notifications, providing a positive user experience. Test it out and see how it impacts your conversion rates!

iOS Support

Mobile Safari has long been the major browser without web push notification support. This lack of support has always been due to Apple restrictions, not a limitation on Aimtell’s end. However, after recent updates from Apple, web push notifications can now reach users that access your website via an Apple mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

What does this mean? You can now reach an even wider audience! Not only will users be able to opt in from their iPhone or iPad, but you will also be able to target subscribers on these devices. Previously to reach this audience via push notification, you needed to build a mobile app and get approval to be in the official Apple App Store. This can be costly and time-consuming compared to how quickly you can get started leveraging web push notifications. Don’t forget to include this audience as you build your web push notification strategy!

Wrapping Up

These features are now live on the Aimtell dashboard. We encourage you to explore these new opportunities to enhance your web push notification strategy. Whether you are looking to streamline operations across multiple sites, enhance campaign performance, engage your iOS subscribers or gain more precise insights into your campaign performance, these updates are here to help elevate your web push notification efforts.

If you’re new to Aimtell, start with our free 14-day trial and discover how these features can transform your re-engagement strategies. Also, check out our blog or guides collection for additional resources on using web push notifications.

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