Coming Soon: iOS 16 To Support Web Push Notifications

Apple’s 2022 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) featured several exciting announcements. In particular, the iOS 16 announcement included several new features – namely, support for web push notifications. Here is everything we know thus far from Apple and what you should expect as this new feature rolls out.

What Exactly Did Apple Announce At WWDC 2022?

Apple previewed iOS 16 at this year’s WWDC, and part of this preview included changes coming to Safari. Of note for Aimtell users is the inclusion of support for web push notifications. Currently, website visitors can opt in to web push notifications using Safari on a desktop device, but not from mobile devices (iPhones or iPads). iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will be changing this and bring support, opening up web push notifications to a huge new pool of users.

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What Is The iOS 16 Release Date?

Support for web push notifications will not come when iOS 16 is first released. Apple will most likely release iOS 16 in September of 2022 and says that web push notification support is coming in 2023. As 2023 approaches, we will likely get a better idea from Apple of when web push notification support will officially launch.

How Will This Impact Aimtell Users?

Once web push notification support launches for iOS 16 and iPad OS 16, you can expect to see a lift in your number of subscribers. Not only will users be able to opt in from their iPhone or iPad, but keep in mind that this means you will also be able to target subscribers on these devices. Currently, to reach Apple iPhone users via push notification, you have to build a mobile app and get approval to be in the official Apple App Store. This can be a costly and time-consuming process that Aimtell users will soon not have to worry about once this latest feature rolls out.

Web push notifications are currently supported on every major browser, with the one notable exception being mobile Safari users. This lack of support has always been due to Apple restrictions, not a limitation on Aimtell’s end. With this update, web push notifications will now be able to reach users across all the major browsers and device types.

Wrapping Up

While this feature is not out yet, it is huge news that Apple will finally bring support for web push notifications with iOS 16. For now, we recommend starting to plan campaigns to target this new audience. Get ready for the wave of new subscribers early! And, don’t forget about the power of our Aimtell Offer Network for driving advertising revenue.

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We will share additional updates from Apple as they are released, including more specific dates and any other information that Apple shares in advance of this feature going live.

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