Aimtell + Drip

Drip Integration

Integrate Drip with Aimtell and increase the effectiveness of your drip email campaigns by following up with a web push notification.

Continue the customer journey

Easily send a web push notification once a user completes a campaign. Use this opportunity to prompt them to take action related to your drip campaign.

Encourage user action

Trigger a web push notification when a user clicks a trigger link in your Drip email campaign. Provide related information based on the link they have clicked and encourage additional action at your website.

How Integrations Work
Setup an Integration in Minutes
Quick Setup

Setup your integration in minutes

Instant Update

Your integration will automatically update to show the latest data

Personalized Automation

Automatically send personalized campaigns with ease

Keep visitors on your site

Bring users back to your website content automatically

Begin sending Aimtells within minutes
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