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Whether you're sending dynamic, personalized, targeted push notifications to one subscriber or to several million, our platform will deliver your notifications at the fastest speeds possible.

Our systems are capable of sending tens of thousands of push notifications per second and gather subscriber data at any volume.

By leveraging the latest in big data gathering tools/methods, you can rest assured your data is being collected and your notifications are being sent, letting you focus on what matters most... your message.

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Push notifications through Aimtell have been a great addition to our marketing strategy as they allow us to connect with consumers who opted into notifications from our brand via a unique ad format that is different from traditional media placements like email and display. The automation and segmentation features are extremely easy to setup and use for targeting subscribers at the right time in their brand engagement journey with us, thus ensuring the highest response rates. Dan Williams , Chief Revenue Officer
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Your Subscribers, Your Data

Much of our business is based on providing you a method of sending highly targeted notifications based on subscriber website activity. We use data to help you create these targeted notifications - but unlike other web push notification providers - we do not sell any personal information of your subscribers.

Simply put, the data collected is yours.

Whether it's custom attributes or anonymous page views, the data collected is securely stored and made only available to your business. Segment your subscribers directly within our dashboard or, if need be, export your subscriber data at any time.

Serious About Security

Internet security has become an increasing concern for just about everyone these days. Data breaches occur on a nearly regular basis, prompting even the least tech savvy individuals to question the safety of their personal information online. In fact, 7 out of 10 people no longer trust their passwords to adequately protect their online information.

Here at Aimtell, we take security very seriously.

From two factor authentication to the latest in encryption standards, we make sure your data and account is protected and available only to those with express permission. And it doesn't stop there - if you have additional requirements, we're happy to chat.

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