How A Window Treatment Company Drove More Than $175,000 In Sales In Less Than Three Months Using Aimtell


How A Window Treatment Company Drove More Than $175,000 In Sales In Less Than Three Months Using Aimtell


Trusted by 15,000+ Brands

Trusted by 15,000+ Brands

Web push notifications are an innovative way for brands to engage consumers. In particular, the high level of visibility of push notifications allows brands to connect with subscribers on both desktop and mobile devices. Aimtell push technology also helps track user behavior on site to send more targeted and relevant messages to subscribers.

Recently, a company specializing in custom window treatments installed Aimtell web push notifications, hoping to scale its business in two distinct areas: appointment bookings and overall sales. Through a series of push marketing campaigns with enticing incentives sent at the right moments, the window treatment company was able to secure impressive results in a short period of time.

Company Results

In less than three months, the window treatment company generated nearly 200 qualified appointments via web push notifications. Of the qualified appointments, close to 100 resulted in sales, totaling more than $175,000.

Simple, direct campaigns asking subscribers to request appointments helped this brand achieve its goals. Push marketing copy that included incentives, such as free installation or free at-home consultations, likely helped enhance their results. The window treatment company also optimized its campaign by sending push notifications at times likely to correspond with common consumer pain points, like sunrise and sunset.

Push Notifications With Incentives Encourage Action

Push notification campaigns, including incentives for free installation or in-home consultations, were successful in driving clicks and producing qualified appointments.

The window treatment brand sent a “don’t forget” push notification like the one above to all subscribers to maximize exposure and remind subscribers of the free installation incentive. Keeping the copy incentive-focused and straightforward without honing in on a specific product type, this push notification was one of several high-performing notifications resulting in thousands of clicks and a large number of qualified appointments.

Other push notifications targeted more specific audiences to reach consumers actively exploring the website and available product options. For example, a notification similar to the one below targeted subscribers who had visited a product page in the past 30 days. This page visit campaign was more targeted in terms of content and capitalized on engaging active consumers to nudge them closer to booking consultations.

Smartly-Timed Push Notifications Focus On Consumer Pain Points

In addition to incentives, the window treatment brand deployed push marketing campaigns at certain times of the day, focusing on common consumer pain points their products could solve. For example, take a look at a push notification from a campaign with sunrise- and sunset-based send times:

Presenting a solution to a common problem, the window company smartly timed this campaign when subscribers were likely to be experiencing a problem window treatments could solve. This time-based push marketing campaign also featured timezone optimization, which ensured each subscriber received the message when it was morning for them. Timely push notification messages drove consumers to click on the notifications and schedule consultations or make purchases.

By understanding common issues that its customers experience, this window treatment brand chose to send push notifications providing solutions to these problems. Inspiring numerous clicks and subsequent appointments, these push notifications paid off for the brand in a short period of time.

In less than three months, this window treatment company was able to generate thousands of clicks and nearly 200 qualified appointments that led to more than $175,000 in sales. A combination of push notifications highlighting incentives and solutions to common consumer pain points engaged their audience effectively. Segmentation to target active push notification subscribers helped motivate interested buyers and encouraged them to take the next steps.

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