How One News Platform Engages Over 600,000 Subscribers And Generates Over 1.5 Million Monthly Clicks


How One News Platform Engages Over 600,000 Subscribers And Generates Over 1.5 Million Monthly Clicks


Trusted by 15,000+ Brands

Trusted by 15,000+ Brands

News sites and similar organizations typically require a steady stream of traffic to remain successful. Web push notifications provide these websites with an excellent way to directly engage readers to generate traffic and article views. A recent analysis of one such news platform that utilizes Aimtell technology revealed great success in scaling clicks and overall subscriber count.

In this case study, we will share actual results achieved and information on the types of campaigns utilized. If you are looking for ways to steadily increase traffic to your website, web push can help drive results.

30-Day Performance Results

Covering both domestic and international news, this news site has developed a substantial subscriber base that can rely on timely push notifications to keep them updated on all breaking news alerts. In the span of 30 days, this site added over 370,000 new subscribers, received over 1.5 million notification clicks and generated an average CTR of 2.1%. By utilizing web push notifications, the site is able to maintain and increase a steady stream of traffic heading to the site and recent news articles. Subscribers opt-in to stay updated on the breaking news they care about, and the news site leverages a combination of broad and more targeted campaigns to keep subscribers engaged and traffic levels to the website high.

Combination Of Segmented And Broad Campaigns Maximize Exposure And CTRs

The news site developed a strategy consisting of a combination of manual and RSS feed campaigns. Smart segmentation was applied to certain campaigns to feature content a more specific audience is likely to engage with, whereas other, broader campaigns deliver to all subscribers. Using both segmented and broad campaigns can be a beneficial strategy for publishers to maximize exposure and traffic while also sending more targeted campaigns as needed to engage specific segments of an overall audience.

RSS Campaigns Keep Traffic Regularly Flowing On-Site

RSS campaigns are one way that those in the news industry can keep their audience informed. News travels fast in today’s digital world, and an automated RSS feed helps deliver breaking news content quickly to an audience. This particular news organization has seen great success with two RSS feed campaigns in particular.

One campaign delivers breaking news content to all subscribers. With over 20 million notification clicks all time and a 2.69% CTR, this is an incredibly effective campaign that produces a steady stream of traffic to the news website. Sharing this type of breaking news content via an RSS feed web push campaign is an easy and effective way to spread the word and keep subscribers informed about important news updates. For those publications that share a large volume of content daily, setting a frequency cap will limit the number of campaigns that send out during the course of one day or one hour.

Another effective RSS feed campaign delivers video news updates to a segmented audience of users who have engaged with this specific type of content before. The segmented approach has paid off for this publication, with the campaign generating a CTR of 2.7%. Readers have preferences on how they consume news, with some preferring video content over written articles. For these readers, the video RSS feed will keep them up to date on the latest news updates.

RSS feed campaigns are viewed as one of the best and easiest ways to engage subscribers with content in an instant. Readers will see their notifications right away, regardless of if they are on your website or even using a browser, and tapping the notification will send them right to your content. Combining both broad and segmented campaigns has provided optimal results for this publication, with both campaigns generating nearly identical high CTRs resulting in millions of clicks generated every month.

Manual Campaigns Cover Breaking News And Topics With Broad Appeal

Manual campaigns provide news websites with opportunities to send out specific campaigns to audiences in order to maximize exposure and engagement. In particular, several manual campaigns deployed by this news site have amassed high CTRs and resulting website traffic to specific pieces of featured content.

One such campaign discussing the pandemic resulted in a 4.6% CTR. Because the pandemic is a topic that has impacted nearly everyone, a broad campaign was determined to be the right decision to maximize results and help keep all subscribers informed on an important, timely subject.

Similarly, a breaking news alert following an earthquake was delivered to all subscribers and received a strong 4.96% CTR. This type of content has a shorter lifespan and is typically most effective when viewed immediately. A web push notification allows you to connect with your audience in an instant and provides your content with the immediate visibility that it needs.

This news organization successfully scaled its subscriber count and notification clicks through a series of RSS and manual web push notification campaigns. These notifications help keep subscribers informed of breaking news content and provide an easy way for readers to connect with the content they are interested in reading. While broad campaigns deliver maximum exposure for content, segmented campaigns offer targeted notifications that specific audience segments are more likely to click on and read.

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