The Ultimate Guide to Real-Time Marketing

Have you heard of real-time marketing before? While not a brand new trend in the marketing world, it has recently become a popular topic for marketing professionals looking to capitalize on new ways to connect and interact with their audience.

Is real-time marketing the right fit for your brand? Let’s discuss exactly what it is, what the main benefits and risks are, as well as how to best employ it.


What is Real-Time Marketing?


Oreo Twitter

Real-time marketing is the practice of capitalizing on events, popular trends, and breaking news moments as they happen. There is no better example of this than Oreo capitalizing on a power surge during the Super Bowl back in 2013. The above tweet was sent out in the midst of the power outage and amassed over 15,000 retweets.

This type of marketing is unplanned and involves reacting quickly to major events as they happen. Timing is critical, especially when it comes to breaking news or live events coverage. For example, if the above tweet was sent out the following morning, it would have been far less effective. As the name suggests, the point of this type of marketing is to capitalize on something as it is happening. This can be scary for marketers who are used to creating (and following) strict content plans, but can pay off when executed correctly.


Benefits of Real-Time Marketing

What is great about this type of marketing is that it can be applied to just about any industry. What can this type of content do for your brand? Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience and prove you are relevant and on top of major changes in your industry. Given the abundance of brands and websites today, real-time marketing can help set you apart from your competition.

Real-time marketing also provides you with a new form of content that you can add into your overall content strategy. While it is true that you cannot directly plan for this type of content, making the decision to incorporate it when appropriate (more on that later) is a decision that many content marketers are choosing to make.

Best of all- users love this type of content. In fact, research shows that nearly 60% of marketers report that real-time marketing increases both customer satisfaction and a brand’s overall image. Increasing customer satisfaction sets you on the path towards more loyal and repeat customers, something all brands strive to achieve.


Putting it into Action

So, how can brands best take advantage of this type of marketing? You need a platform that can get your message delivered and seen quickly. Sound familiar? Web push notifications are one of the best ways to get a message in front of your audience quickly. They deliver to both mobile and desktop devices, and don’t require you to be visiting a certain website or even using a browser at all.

real-time marketing
If you cover sports, a breaking news alert like this is highly relevant and received instantly.


As we mentioned earlier, the success of these types of messages is heavily dependent on whether a user sees them right away or not. Almost no other platform can guarantee the quick visibility that web push provides (except for SMS marketing, which we have talked about previously). Breaking news alerts, like the above example, are great examples of real-time marketing that work great with web push notifications.

Not only do these notifications deliver instantly, they are also quick to set up. You can set up a manual notification and schedule it in almost no time at all. Combined with our segmentation and scheduling options, you have a lot of control over your notifications without having to spend a lot of time.

Aimtell Push Notifications 14-Day Free Trial
Aimtell Push Notifications 14-Day Free Trial

Social Media

A discussion on real-time marketing wouldn’t be complete without mentioning social media, and for good reason. Social platforms are great for engaging with users and should definitely be part of your strategy. However, it is increasingly hard for organic posts to be seen by your audience. The solution? Yet again- it’s web push. Using our Zapier integration you can connect your social media posts to send out via web push. This ensures your audience will see it immediately, and allows them to click the notification in order to engage with the post as they please (responding, retweeting, liking, etc.).


Risk Factors

So far, real-time marketing is sounding like a pretty great way to boost engagement with your audience, right? It certainly is. But that doesn’t mean it is without risk. The last thing you want to do is appear like you are begging for attention by jumping on any and all breaking news stories, events, or trends.

real-time marketing
This push notification would feel out of place for a lot of brands.


Take the above example. If your website focuses on pop culture and appeals to a younger demographic, there is nothing wrong with the notification. For many brands, however, it will likely feel out of place. You know to keep your specific industry and audience in mind when it comes to other forms of marketing, and the same applies when it comes to this type as well. You can easily turn a great opportunity into a PR disaster if you aren’t careful.

Instead, focus on news and trends happening within your niche. If you step outside of your industry, make sure it makes sense to do so and results in content that your audience will find useful, interesting, or entertaining.

Real-time marketing is a great way to engage with your audience and differentiate yourself from your competition. Utilizing web push, you can easily and quickly get your content in front of your audience. This type of marketing isn’t easy to pull off, and requires some patience to wait for the right opportunity, but when done well, is something that will certainly pay off.

Have you engaged in real-time marketing before? Let us know by commenting below or sending us an email.

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