5 Techniques to Keep Sales High After the Holiday Spike

You might be exhausted from the rush of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the overall holiday shopping season, but you can’t afford to slow down. While your sales are sure to peak during November and early December, you also want to look ahead.

What comes next after the major holiday spike? For many brands, it’s a major drop in both sales and overall engagement. With proper planning, however, you can actually keep sales high and customers engaged even after the major holiday season.

Here are 5 techniques that will help you do just that.

1. Capitalize on Super Saturday

Keep Sales High
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There are a few important shopping days in December, with the biggest being Super Saturday. Falling on the last Saturday before Christmas, it is the last major shopping day of the holiday season. While you might plan ahead and get all your shopping done in advance, it is guaranteed that some of your customers will wait until the last minute.

A great way to see a nice sales spike towards the end of the year is by capitalizing on all of your last minute shoppers. This year, Super Saturday falls on December 22nd. That is cutting it pretty close to Christmas! For ecommerce brands, it would be difficult to get orders placed on the 22nd delivered before Christmas. However, if you sell items that a user can download instantly, or offer a subscription service, or other similar type of item, those are great products to feature in campaigns for Super Saturday.

For those with a brick and mortar store, you have a great opportunity to sell a lot of products on Super Saturday. Leading up to the day, send various campaigns that alert your customers of why they should shop with you. Perhaps you have a last minute sale going on, or offer a special service like gift wrapping. Let people know! Engage via social media, web push, and email to get the word out.

We also recommend creating a last minute shopping guide as well. Keep in mind that people who are shopping on December 22nd are short on time. Make it easier for them to shop with you! What are your best items they can buy as gifts for people on their shopping list?

2. Run a Post-Holiday Sale

Keep Sales High
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Now that you’ve officially made it past Christmas, you need a game plan for keeping sales up. The time after Christmas and before New Years is a great time to run a sale in order to get rid of any inventory you want to clear, or simply to keep sales up. People are spending time with family, off of work and school. What is there to do? Go shopping, of course!

A lot of people get money or gift cards for the holidays, and now they are looking to put them to good use. A sale is a great way to grab people’s attention and get them to shop with you. If you are looking to clear inventory, you can run a major clearance sale (as pictured above).

Keep in mind that people have spent a lot of money during the holiday season, so getting them to continue to shop can be a bit of a challenge. A sale, as always, is an effective way to do so.

3. Schedule a New Product Release

Keep Sales High
Release a new product and offer a slight discount to customers who shop right away.


Another problem you may run into during the post-holiday season is that your customers have been shopping with you all season long. They know what products you have to offer, and they bought what they wanted earlier in the year. Solve that problem by launching a new product or product line!

People are also in the perfect mindset to purchase new items around the time of the new year, so be sure to maximize your sales by timing your product launch in January! Consider coupling your launch with a slight discount in order to inspire people to shop. Consider limiting the time of the sale as well in order to create a sense of urgency.

It’s the new year and people want a fresh start- help them make that happen with new products for them to purchase and try out!

4. Create New Year Themed Campaigns

Keep Sales High
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In addition to launching new products in the new year, make sure you create new year themed campaigns, just like Sephora did last year. You don’t even need new products in order to make this happen. Instead, focus on the value that any of your products can bring to someone looking to start the year off on the right foot. Craft smart social media posts that highlight that value and that will hopefully inspire your audience to shop with you.

Make sure to also make it easy for them to shop by getting started with things like your Facebook Store or Shopping On Instagram. Social selling is seeing a major increase in popularity, so make sure you keep up with the trends. Research shows that 76% of consumers in the US have purchased something that they have seen in a brand’s social media post. Expect that number to only increase, as well as the percentage of individuals who will actually complete a purchase directly on social media.

5. Retarget via Web Push

Keep Sales High
Retarget your most loyal customers and remind them to use any rewards points they’ve earned.


Finally, hopefully you already know the power of retargeting your audience via web push. It is especially important during the post holiday season, and one of your most powerful tools for keeping sales high. In fact, research shows that retargeting can lead to 147% higher conversion rates! Retarget your best customers who shopped with you during the holidays asking them to come back and shop- but make sure you’ve given them a good reason to.

So, what’s the reason? It could be something we mentioned earlier, such as announcing a new product or the start of a sale, or better yet, we recommend something a bit more personalized, such as mentioning a loyalty program (if you have one). If you do have a rewards program, these subscribers are sure to have gained a lot of points during the holidays. Now they can use them! Consider sending a campaign like the one pictured above that reminds them to use their points.

While most of the holiday season is about shopping for others, after the holidays, the focus shifts back to the individual. You’ve shopped for your family and friends, and now it is time to shop for yourself! Optimize your campaign copy to reflect this shift in order to further boost a customer’s spirits and encourage them to come back and shop. After all, they’ve earned it!

Wrapping Up

While the holiday season may be your top earning period, there is no reason to fall victim to a major sales crash once the season has ended. Instead, plan ahead so that you can keep sales high all year long. Launch new products, run some end of season sales, retarget your best customers, and keep them focused on the new year and how your products will make their life better.

What is your go-to marketing tactic after the holidays? Let us know by sending us a message!

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