Introducing Our Push Content Network

While our self-managed clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create their web push campaigns, many are open to the idea of adding additional revenue streams. We are excited to announce that opportunity today with our newly launched Aimtell Push Content Network.

The Aimtell Push Content Network (PCN) is our in-house auto-optimized ad API that allows any self-managed Aimtell client to add an additional revenue stream to their existing web push strategy. Our in-house team manages these campaigns, making PCN a great way to help drive revenue at scale.

Here is everything you need to know about PCN, including what it is, how it works, who it’s a good fit for and some use cases.

What Is The Aimtell Push Content Network?

PCN is our auto-optimized ad API that is fully managed by our team. PCN provides clients interested in exploring fully managed push campaigns a flexible option that provides an additional revenue stream without the client having to give up control of their overall push campaigns.

Should a self-managed client get started with PCN, our team will only manage PCN-enabled campaigns. Clients retain control over the rest of their own campaigns, as they are used to doing. While we handle the actual notification content for the PCN campaigns, clients control some other PCN campaign elements, such as the vertical that the notification will be related to. Currently, there are eight verticals to choose from: sweeps, health, finance, lifestyle, career, education, travel, and jobs. Selecting a vertical may help better target specific audiences with relevant and engaging offers. Clients can select one vertical only or can choose not to specify a vertical if they prefer. If no selection is made, the default selection of ‘no preference’ will apply.

push content network
An example Push Content Network monetized push notification

Clients can enable the PCN integration on either a manual or a triggered campaign. Getting started is easy, and our PCN documentation walks through all the steps. Once a campaign is scheduled, the rest of the work is handled by our team to serve the appropriate PCN push at the scheduled time or based on the associated trigger.

Who Is A Good Fit For PCN?

Any self-managed client can take advantage of PCN. In particular, affiliate marketers and those focused on lead generation may be a great fit for PCN. However, any website looking to incorporate an additional revenue stream from their push notifications can benefit from PCN.

For those clients who run several websites on Aimtell, some sites may seem like a better fit for PCN than others. Clients have total control over which sites utilize PCN, so we encourage everyone to evaluate each website individually and decide which may benefit from the addition of PCN.

PCN is only available for self-managed clients. Our fully-managed push solution is available for those who wish to have all of their push marketing managed by our team.

PCN Use Cases

Once a client decides to get started with PCN, there are some decisions to be made that may help optimize PCN performance, like the frequency of campaigns, whether or not to segment audiences, utilizing a manual or triggered campaign and message timing. Clients do not need to worry about optimizing the notification content itself, as the PCN team handles that. Here are some top suggestions and use cases to keep in mind:

  • Segmentation: As with any push campaign, we highly recommend using some form of segmentation. By selecting a PCN vertical and choosing a specific audience segment, such as subscribers that have engaged with similar content to the selected vertical, campaigns may experience better results.
  • Triggered notifications: PCN campaigns can send as a result of specific triggers. One example could be triggering a PCN notification from another push notification that a subscriber clicks, such as one with similar content.
  • Repeating notifications: A repeating manual PCN-enabled campaign can keep the revenue stream going on a regular basis.
  • Target inactive subscribers: Instead of considering inactive subscribers as lost for good, try targeting them with a PCN message to try and re-engage them one final time.
  • Front load PCN messages: Some websites may find success from sending out PCN messages right away to new subscribers and then transitioning to other self-managed push campaigns.
  • Multiple campaigns: Websites are not limited to one PCN message. For example, clients could create multiple PCN campaigns that feature different verticals and target different segments. Or, consider multiple campaigns that go out at different times.

Wrapping Up

Our Push Content Network is available now. Any self-managed client that wants to get started can do so easily by enabling the PCN integration. We hope to see many clients take advantage of this additional revenue opportunity. If you think your website is a good fit for PCN based on your objectives and audience, we recommend giving PCN a try.

If you have any questions about PCN, please feel free to reach out to our support team, and they will answer any questions you might have. If you are new to web push and want to get started, you can start your free trial with Aimtell or learn more by reading our Beginner’s Guide.


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